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It's time to fly again

Finally I can confirm this: I'm travelling to Osaka later this month! Actually I'm flying there already on next week's Friday. But for me it doesn't come that soon because I have been planning for it a long time now. My first plan was to go there in February to see EXO's tour but when I found out about this year's MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) being held also in Japan, I decided to this time skip EXO's concerts and attend MAMA instead. I have been dreaming of attending MAMA in Hong Kong for many years and even though I'm not going to Hong Kong, I'm still super excited and happy I got to make this dream come true (at least some part of it). I have been waiting for a few weeks to know if me and my Japanese friend are able to get tickets for the MAMA because the tickets were "sold" by a lottery system and finally this week I got good news from my friend. I already had my boss's permission so I just had to buy the flight tickets that I h…

Karmiva Karnevaali -17

Last Friday I left earlier from work and took a bus to Tampere where I had planned to meet up with a couple of friends. I had suggested we go visit the Karmiva Karnevaali event in Särkänniemi and at least some of my friends were up for it. It was held for the first time starting from Friday the 13th and it ended last Sunday. A part of the park was open and filled with all kinds of Halloween and other decorations and lights. There were also various shows and activites (e.g. Burlesque performances, zombies who chased people, fire show). You could also ride some of the rides and play games (and TRY to get prizes) that are open normally during the summer. There were various eating places that had food with the scary theme e.g. a black hamburger which I ate.

I really liked the place as did my friends. It was fun and something different to do so I hope they'll keep organizing this in the upcoming years. The park with all the lights and decorations looked so cool when it was dark which …

Hello October!

October is here! Are there really only 3 months left of this year? Better start really enjoying the final months. This month means for me work and spending a couple weekends with my mum while we attend 2 fairs. Last month we went to Helsinki and next week Oulu and later this month Turku. Those weekends are tough but it's nice to help mum and spend time with her. Due to being busy on so many weekends, it was great to spend a weekend at home just with my dog last week and I have that same plan for this weekend too. I really missed just being at home so last weekend I enjoyed every second of it. Last weekend I baked American Cheesecake for the first time and it was really good! I'm not the best baker so I was happy to at least succeed with that. Otherwise I just watched ice-hockey and a couple of movies and on Sunday I had a cleaning day after a long time. This weekend sounds about the same but I was thinking of playing some PS3 games too since I haven't played anything in a…

14 weeks till Christmas

After coming back from Thailand last Wednesday, I'm back to my normal routine. I had such a good time in BKK especially with my friends that it has been quite hard to get used to working again. I just keep thinking about the trip and how much I wanted to stay there. I'm not gonna lie I did shed a tear (or "a few") on couple of the last days when I realized my trip is coming to an end and once again I have to go back to Finland. But that gave me more motivation to work hard, save money and keep planning where/when/what to study in Thailand as I have thought about going there to do the master's degree. Considering how much I enjoyed myself there again, I definitely want to go there to continue my studies. But first I need to survive until the end of this year working hard and hopefully continue working in the same place for next Spring. Then maybe already next Fall I could start doing the master's degree. Before that there's this fall and winter to survive…

1 week to go!

In one week I'll be going back to my 2nd home at least for a short while. Next Monday I'm flying to Bangkok with my mum for a 10 -day holiday. My mum has to do some shopping for her company and well I don't really need to have a reason to go there... But actually this time I'm not just thinking about the shopping and eating etc I can do there. This time I'll have friends to meet too which is awesome! Right away on Tuesday after I arrive in Bangkok, I will meet one of my Japanese friends who's on holiday there too. Last time I saw her was in Osaka last December so it's nice to see her again after many months. There's one other person who I'm really excited to meet after a bit over 1 year: Koh, my dear Thai friend. I can't wait to meet him and fortunately I'll probably see him too right away on the first day. Having friends around the world is just the best thing ever! It makes travelling a whole lot more exciting. Although I'm not saying …


Last month finally came the day for my graduation. After a bit under 4 years of “hard” work, I could at last say goodbye to studying (at least for a while), receive my certificates and put behind yet another chapter in my life. I had been nervous about the graduation the whole spring since I wasn’t sure if I can finish my thesis on time because there were so many deadlines to comply and I often wasn’t that hardworking with my writing. I even started to think about postponing the graduation until fall since I wouldn’t need the certificates during summer but my mum kept pushing me while saying that if I need to apply for a job in the fall then I would really need the certificates. So I did my best and luckily my teacher also helped me to finish everything so I could graduate in June.
Then came June and the official graduation day. Even though the graduation day was a Friday, I could attend thanks to my nice boss who let me skip work that day. Fortunately, my mum agreed to drive me to Rau…

Change is good

Not sure how many people agree with me but I think change is good. I’m a person who doesn’t like everything being the same always. I have a lot of small things in my life that I like to change from time to time: all kinds of wallpapers (in my phone and laptop), my phone’s ringtone and the case, the handbag I use, my hair color and style and nail color (using the same nail polish again is a NO NO). My blog’s layout is one of those things too and that’s why I like to change it quite often. I did some changes once again and this time I ended up changing the layout a lot. I got tired of the same basic layout with just different picture in the background so now I ditched the old boring layout and decided to try something totally different. I’m really happy with the new layout and especially the color (pink is the best!) but I still might change it so bare with me! I hope you like my “new” blog and keep reading it no matter how the layout looks.

Actually, there’s one more thing I would like…

Next stop: Amsterdam

Next month I’m travelling to the Netherlands with my friend who I met while on exchange in Bangkok. First we planned to go to Venice but then that changed to Prague which in the end changed to Amsterdam. We were supposed to go to Venice in the spring but for me it was very hard to pick dates before I knew for sure will I have a summer job so that plan kind of died on its own. But in May we started planning again and my friend suggested Prague but was open to other destinations too. After searching and searching we came to the conclusion that it’s either Prague or Amsterdam. With a help of my friend’s friend who had gone to both and recommended Amsterdam and what I found myself from Amsterdam after intensive Internet searching, we chose that. There are a few places that I’m really interested to go see (e.g Anne Frank’s house) and I found out that there’s a Primark shop (!!!) which I MUST visit. I'm really looking forward to this trip since I don't see this friend often (only tw…

Summer comeback!

Gosh it's been such a long time since my last post! I told you earlier that I would start writing more but it once again failed. In the past 2 months quite a lot has happened and unfortunately my blog hasn't been on the top of my to-do list. But now that's going to change. I have too many things to write about to keep postponing my blog writing so from now on I'll keep writing more often. Hopefully this time I manage to do so! And to celebrate my comeback I'll (once again) change the look of my blog and perhaps something else...

I have unfinished post about my trips to Osaka (which actually was ages ago...) and Seoul, my upcoming trips, graduation (!), my new home and more. So tune in as I manage to finish more posts! 

ps. This is not the only comeback this month... Yes I mean EXO's big comeback which is happening later this month! Today we got the first teaser featuring Kai ❤ I'm getting more and more excited about their comeback. I just know it'll be aw…

2nd seminar DONE!

In the midst of various tasks I needed to do this week (go to the hair dresser, help my mum, go see my friends and get ready for my trip), I had to go to Rauma today to have my 2nd seminar. I was a bit nervous but also relieved that I can finally get that over with and start focusing on the next part in my thesis. I got very good feedback from my thesis supervisor and my friend who is my opponent. The supervisor even said that at the moment it looks like I'll get a 5 for my thesis! I was really surprised because I'm not even aiming for the highest grade but of course it would be great to get it. Now the next step is to figure out the questions I want to ask from my case company and after choosing them, I have to send them ASAP. I'm not feeling very confident about being able to finish the empirical part especially because now I also need to find myself an apartment for the summer. That's because I'm moving to Jyväskylä to work for the summer! Actually earlier last …

Hello April!

April, the month I have been eagerly waiting for, is finally here! The main reason for my excitement is my trip to Seoul which will start next Saturday. I don't if it's due to stressing over my thesis or the weather and the coldness here but I have been super eager to leave already for a long time. Spring has already well started in Seoul (not like here in Finland) so I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather and the cherry blossoms. I also can't wait to see my dear Korean friend and hang out with her as much as possible. And there's the good food and great shopping places too so no wonder I have wanted to start packing for the past month. Last week I also managed to buy myself a M Cultour Package from SMTOWN Travel so I will attend the M!Countdown show on the 13th in Seoul. I was a bit unsure if they will sell it for April but the sale finally started and of course I bought it right away. Attending one of those K-pop TV shows has been my dream for a few yea…

1st seminar DONE!

I have been hating myself for not writing here more often but since last month I have been either too busy or too tired. One of the main reasons for me being busy is my thesis. I finally came up with a thesis subject before last year ended and last month I started writing my thesis plan. I finished it early this month and also had my 1st seminar and since then I have been researching and writing my thesis. I should have the theory part ready before 31st of March so I don't have a lot of time especially since I need to practice a lot for my financial analysis resit exam and for another exam which is in early March. So school has kept me really busy lately and unfortunately it will continue like that until May when my thesis and seminars should be finished. So my apologies for not being super active here during that time! I'll do my best and try to at least finish some unfinished posts. 

Since I'm not a person who can just write school assignments and read for exams etc all d…

2016 in review

Last year I didn't finish this post but this time I managed. So here's a review of 2016:
(Once again I used questions that I found from my friend's blog)

1. Did you get a new friend? 
Yes, I met really nice people at my internship company and during my travels. 
2. Did you do something new?

Travelled to Malaysia, did an internship, visited new places in Seoul and Osaka, went to see Thai movies and lived in Thailand somewhere else than Bangkok (Laem Chabang).

3. Were you in a relationship? 

Yes and no. Kinda...
4. Tell a couple of the best memories from 2016?

Concerts (EXOluXion in Kuala Lumpur, EXO'rDIUM in Osaka, Dream Concert 2016) & trips to Seoul + my time in Thailand. 

5. Did you fight with any of your friends? 
Luckily no. 


1. Did you change a lot during 2016?

I don't think so but I feel like I got more confident and bold. I also got more used to doing things alone (no wonder because of the amount of travelling I did alone and the many months I lived al…