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Halfway through

April is almost here and that means I'm halfway through my internship. I try my best not to think about it because although I feel happy to go back home, I feel really sad that I need to leave Thailand which I consider as my second home nowadays. I also need to leave all the nice things and people that I have here. Still no matter how hard I try to avoid, I keep thinking about how much time I have left and what I will miss. What hasn't helped is that I have tried to decide which day I return to Finland because I need to change my flight ticket and then I could start preparing for it. My mum will also probably come here in June and we might go back to Finland together or she would at least take some of my things with her so I need to know the date asap. In the end I decided that I'll most likely go back to Finland on 3rd of July because my visa ends on the 6th and I don't want to overstay because of the new much more strict immigration rules. I would prefer staying a bi…

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 4.-7.2.2016 ♥

Last month I had to do a visa run and I chose to go to Kuala Lumpur which is really convenient due to its near location. Fortunately I ended up getting 2 days off from work so I had a long weekend to spend there. I flew there on Thursday morning and came back on Sunday afternoon. This time I only flew with AirAsia and so far I have been satisfied with their service. One thing they could try to make better is the check-in service at the airport because on Thursday I was really nervous about making to the flight due to a really long check-in line. But it's something I can also forgive because most of the airlines have long lines no matter how many counters they use etc. So for a cheap airline AirAsia is really good! 

During my trip I went to see a few "must-see" places and checked out some shopping places. I was interested in going up to the KL Tower but just like in Singapore, I decided not to use my money for that. I was also lucky to see it really well from my hotel room…

Osaka, Japan 11.-17.11.2015 ♥

In November I did my first trip to Japan, Osaka to be exact. The main reason was that I got tickets to see EXO twice during their 3 concert weekend in Osaka. Another reason for my trip was that one of my friends was an exchange student there so I could spend time with her too after many months. I didn't spend many days there and because the concerts occupied 2 days from my trip, I didn't have so much time for sightseeing etc. I was still very satisfied with my trip because I had a lot of fun with my friend and it was nice to really talk with her after a long time. The concerts were also very awesome and I got to meet a few people so now I have new friends who are just as into Kpop as I am which is great. One of them was actually from Thailand so it's possible I will see her again here in some concert. Because of the limited time I had only time to go to Kyoto to see Torii (the red structures seen in my pictures), part of the city centre and visit Universal Studios. 

My trip…