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Another visit to Seoul & Dream Concert 2016 ♥

Earlier this month I travelled to Seoul to attend this year's Dream Concert. I also wanted to use the opportunity to see my friend once more before I go back to Finland. It's much cheaper to fly from Thailand than Finland and I don't know when I'll be able to go there again so I didn't really have any difficulty to decide whether to go or not.

I arrived in Seoul on a Friday morning and after renting a wifi router, I took a bus to Dongdaemun where my hotel was located. About the wifi router... I REALLY recommend to get it when you travel to Korea. There are a few different companies offering them at the airport and they also have rental phones and prepaid sim cards. Last month I decided to try the wifi router for the first time because I thought it would be nice to have internet when I go out. It worked very well and the speed of the internet was also very good. The router itself was small and light to carry which was a huge plus. At first you pay 220,000 Won as a de…

2 weeks left!

From today I have exactly 2 weeks left of my time in Thailand. These past weeks I have been packing my (never ending) supply of various stuff while trying to stay awake and be active at work. Somehow my sleep hasn't been good so especially the time before lunch, has been really hard at work. So when I get home I'm very eager to just go straight to bed and that's why I have tried to utilize every moment when I'm not tired for packing. I have already packed most of my clothes, books, accessories, dishes etc but there are still some things left. And my luggage situation is...well quite nerve wrecking. I have 3 big luggage and luckily none of them are over the weight limit but they're getting closer and closer while the room in them is getting smaller. I have probably been panicking too much about the luggage situation because last Friday I got a migraine at the office in the morning. Fortunately my medication decreases the pain a lot so I could manage the day at work …

อาหาร - Food - Part 2

First up is one of my absolute favorite restaurants in BKK: Manna. It's located in Siam Paragon (G floor). It's a bit more expensive if you think about how cheaply you can get rice and noodle dishes in Thailand but in my opinion their dishes are worth the money. In addition the prices are not as expensive as in Finland so I don't really mind them. They offer both inside and outside tables. The food they serve is mainly Thai with a lot of different kinds of options for example rice, noodles, fish, soup etc. They also offer various drinks (alcoholic & non-alcoholic) which I highly recommend too. 

Next up are 2 different ice cream places that I have visited in addition to Swensen's and Yogurtland. Both of these are in Siam Paragon and at least the first one Cold Stone has branches in other places too. 

During my exchange a couple of my exchange friends found a really nice cafe near their apartment building. I also managed to visit their once. It's called Oh La La ca…