Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on syyskuu, 2016.

Back again!

After a (too) long break, I'm back! My apologies for not writing anything for the past 2 months but I decided to take a break and focus on getting used to being back in Finland. Plus I have been super busy from time to time. 

Before telling what I have been doing lately, let's look back at my last days in Bangkok. My last days at work were really easy and I didn't have much to do. In a way I hoped I had more tasks so I wouldn't had been so bored but at least I had time to plan my last days and get used to the idea that my time in Thailand is almost over. On my second last work day, I went to enjoy a farewell dinner with the whole logistics team and a few other employees I got to know very well. I had a great time during that dinner and even though I felt happy, I still felt so sad because everyone was very nice and friendly to me the whole 6 months. The feelings I had were nothing compared to what I felt the next day when I finished working and it was time to leave for …