Back again!

After a (too) long break, I'm back! My apologies for not writing anything for the past 2 months but I decided to take a break and focus on getting used to being back in Finland. Plus I have been super busy from time to time. 

Before telling what I have been doing lately, let's look back at my last days in Bangkok. My last days at work were really easy and I didn't have much to do. In a way I hoped I had more tasks so I wouldn't had been so bored but at least I had time to plan my last days and get used to the idea that my time in Thailand is almost over. On my second last work day, I went to enjoy a farewell dinner with the whole logistics team and a few other employees I got to know very well. I had a great time during that dinner and even though I felt happy, I still felt so sad because everyone was very nice and friendly to me the whole 6 months. The feelings I had were nothing compared to what I felt the next day when I finished working and it was time to leave for the last time... Firstly I had to say goodbye to every employee which was quite horrible especially when two Finnish employees wanted to properly sit down and talk for the last time. Just before I left, we took pictures with some of the employees and my mentor walked me to the car. Outside the office I said final goodbyes to her and another employee and even though I tried really hard not to cry, I couldn't help it when my mentor burst out crying. At that moment I felt awful to leave but I just had to suck it up. After picking up my luggage, leaving my key card and getting my deposit, I headed to Bangkok. Luckily I didn't have to arrange a taxi etc. but my manager asked the person who drove me to the office and back everyday, to take me to Bangkok. 

On the next day I started to get some last things done. I had two days time which was barely enough. I went to buy a few things, get my nails done and a haircut and spent time with friends. On the last evening I went to Baiyoke Sky for a buffet with two friends. It was my last time hanging out with them before leaving and not seeing them for a long time so it was really sad. In the end my Thai friend came to see me at the airport too which was great because I had so many bags that I couldn't handle them myself. After check-in and saying goodbye, it was time to head out to my gate and to Finland. 

I even got a present and everyone said some last words to me :)
Best co-workers ever! Couldn't be any happier to have had these people
with me during my internship. 

Shiho & Koh (+ my new hair!) ♥
Great friends as were my other friends during my year in Thailand.
So I arrived in Finland on 3rd of July and at first I felt really weird and had mixed feelings. Some of the things I experienced right away after I got back felt strange and I thought I wouldn't get used to them (at least not quickly). For example the amount of cars and people everywhere was super small compared to what I had gotten used to during the past year. I kept asking my mum where's everyone, has something happened but no... It was totally normal here and now I'm quite used to it. But still sometimes I kinda miss having a lot of people around me when I for example go to the store and when I used the bus here for the first time, I was totally shocked that 1. there was room in the bus, 2. there were empty seats available and 3. it was easy to get out of the bus not like in the skytrains in Bangkok that I used a lot. In addition the fact that I can now use Finnish all the time (except when I text with my foreign friends) feels weird but really nice. At first I almost started speaking English with everyone and all of my thoughts kept coming in English but luckily my brain has switched to Finnish. There's one thing that I missed a lot and I'm now happy to have: Finnish food especially what my mum makes. After a year abroad eating mainly Asian food, Finnish food tastes extra good. With all of the changes, these past 2 months have been interesting and different. 

Still sometimes I miss Thailand and I wish I was still there. But in some way it gives me motivation to pass my last courses and get my thesis ready because I know when I do those, I'm one step closer to moving somewhere abroad. I would be happy to live abroad even though it wasn't in Thailand. Now first I just need to finish my studies... Luckily I can travel in the mean time :) 

It took a long time to finish this post but I finally made it! Now you know what went on during my last days and how has it been when I got back to Finland. Stay tuned for a post about my activities during the summer! 

xoxo, Elina


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