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Seoul, South Korea 29.4.-8.5.2016 ♥

Earlier this month I spent 10 days in Seoul and this time I was there with my mum and sister. I have to admit this trip was my favorite if I don't think about last year's Dream Concert because that's of course the best thing I have experienced in Korea so far. I really enjoyed spending time with my mum and sister and seeing my Korean friend after almost 1 year. This time I got to experience some new places and neighborhoods, see also familiar places, go shopping and enjoy various K-Pop related things. Probably due to enjoying myself so much and experiencing new cool things, I started to wish I could live there someday. I almost chose Seoul as my exchange study destination but went with Bangkok after all. Because of this trip I started doubting my decision a bit and wishing I could study or do internship in Seoul too. But it's more suitable if I could get a real job and move there... While waiting for that day to come, I can still travel there again and my next trip is …