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EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion in Malaysia ♥

Last month I flew to Kuala Lumpur for the second time but this time it was to take part in EXO's concert on Saturday 12th. It was the last stop on their tour around Asia and North America. I waited until the ticket sale started and luckily I managed to buy my ticket right away because just after I was finished I read the website crashed and most of the tickets were sold out. I chose to take a seating place because I already knew how unbearably hot it can be in KL so I wanted to definitely avoid the standing area. I got a seat from the area closest to the stage and the price wasn't that bad compared to some prices that I have seen. 

After my arrival, I went to get my ticket from the organizer's office. I could have gotten it by post but I didn't want to take a risk of not getting it. So I chose to collect it myself which almost failed. A few days before the concert I received an email that the ticket was supposed to be collected before the concert day. After contacting t…

EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion in Osaka ♥

Firstly I need to say that I don't have any pictures from the actual concerts because Japanese people are apparently REALLY strict about banning taking photos/videos before, during and after the concert. I thought the people at the Dream Concert were strict but they weren't even close! On the 1st concert day in Osaka, while sitting in my seat and waiting for the concert to start and I saw one girl taking a picture of the EMPTY stage with screens that only had the EXO'luXion concert name. Right away one of the security guards walked to her and she was forced to delete the photo while the guard watched her do that and then he gave her a lecture about taking photos etc. After that it was clear: I wouldn't even take my camera and phone out of my bag. The guards even took some of the fan signs etc away... So unfortunately I don't have any pics/videos to proof and show how amazingly perfect the concerts were. But just let me tell you about the whole experience. 
I bought …

2016 Dream Concert here I come!

Last year in May I went to my first Kpop concert which was Dream Concert held in Seoul. It was one of my best experiences and I have been really missing that day. Finally in the end of last month I found out that Dream Concert is going to be held again this year but this time in June! I got excited right away especially when I saw how cheap the flight tickets are during that time. Unfortunately I had to wait patiently for more news about the tickets and lineup. Later this month they confirmed the 1st lineup and that LotteJTB (a travel agency & one of the sponsors) will once again sell tickets to foreign fans. After a lot of thinking I decided to buy the concert ticket.

The concert is on Saturday 4th of June and the venue is the same as last year: the Seoul World Cup Stadium. This time I bought a VIP ticket so I should have even better seat than last year when I also had a really good seat but not with a VIP ticket. The 1st lineup includes EXO, Red Velvet, Taemin (SHINee), B1A4, VIX…

Songkran Festival

I'm happy to say that this year's Songkran festival is over! I managed to stay mostly dry and even have fun thanks to my friend. Surprisingly the only day when I got wet and I mean soaking wet was my last working day before the holiday. We celebrated Songkran also at the office and after staying dry almost the whole lunch/celebrations time, I got 3 buckets of water thrown at me. That killed my mood for the rest of the day but I didn't let it ruin my whole holiday. 

First I spend 5 days in Bangkok and then traveled to Chiang Mai for a couple of days after which I still spent a day in Bangkok. During the first weekend in Bangkok I went to see a Thai movie with a friend and eat dinner together. It was a horror movie called 11-12-13. I really liked it because the plot was kind of different to what I'm used to see. It had 3 different stories which were all somehow connected and what made the movie really interesting was that everything happened during Songkran. 

The next 2 da…

April is here!

April and Spring are here! I don't really feel like it's spring because it feels like summer 24/7 here in Thailand. The daily +30 degrees and the almost +40 degrees that have been cherishing (torturing) us nowadays (& will continue for the next weeks) have only increased that feeling. One thing I like in Finland is the 4 seasons we have although I don't mind living somewhere that doesn't have them. For me it's quite hard to choose the best season because I like something in all of them. Summer is nice with its sunshine, green nature, warmth (if we're lucky in Finland) and well it's SUMMER so of course it's awesome. But it also brings out bugs, sometimes too much warmth (yes this has happened in Finland) and well I think that's pretty much all that is negative about summer...In autumn I love how the leaves turn color and the nature looks nice and although I need to abandon my summer clothes once again, I like that I can start using my autumn/wint…