Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on tammikuu, 2016.

My new ordinary days

I'm here again! This month I have been taking a bit of a brake with my blog because my internship has taken most of my time and energy. From now on I will try to get myself to write more often and I better succeed because I have many unfinished posts that are waiting for publishing. 

Today it's already the last day of January. This month has gone really fast and I'm not surprised because after 5 months, I finally have a proper schedule in my life and because of  that I'm quite busy and I feel like days go really fast. I'm very satisfied with my internship so far although I have had many days filled with too much free time. At first it was because I didn't have my email account etc and also all the tasks were new to me so I had to be taught. But now later for example this week, there hasn't been so many orders/shipments for me to work on so that means I have more free time. Sometimes it feels nice because from time to time I have many tasks at the same time b…

New year, New start

Happy new year 2016! ♥
I can't believe 2016 is already here and in what kind of situation I'm starting it. I spent my New Year with a friend after I gave my apartment away on Wednesday and moved to my friend's place for a few days. On New Year's Eve we decided to avoid the city centre and other places that will be really crowded due to a lot of people especially tourists watching fireworks. Therefore we just stayed home, ordered food from Foodpanda, watched movies and before midnight went to the roof and watched fireworks. Although we didn't do anything special, I had a fun New Year and I was really glad I didn't have to spend it alone. It was also cool to see fireworks in Bangkok especially from a roof. Many months my plan for New Year was to travel to Sydney and watch the amazing fireworks there and also see what's Australia really like but as time passed I started to give up that plan. Maybe one day I'll get to go to Australia and even spend a New Yea…