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22 years old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ♥ Years just keep on going faster and faster... Feels like yesterday when I was still 18 and now  I'm already 22! Honestly sometimes I feel very old even though I know 22 isn't that old yet. There are (hopefully) still a lot of years to come but there are also so many things that I want to do/experience so I feel like there are not enough years left. Enough with this age crisis text! 

This year my birthday consisted of driving to Helsinki and participating in a group job interview. I was left with a quite satisfied feeling about it and now I'm just anxiously waiting until I get the result of how it went and if I move on the next phase. It should take max 2 weeks so luckily I don't need to wait a really long time. After I finished the interview I drove straight back home with my mum. Then I was so tired that I just wanted to eat dinner and watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead. Now it's getting so late that I need to take Otto out and then…

Lots of birthdays and nervousness

This week has been full of birthdays and nervousness. My brother & his daughter + 2 of my friends had their birthdays this week and there are many more to come during this month including my own! None of them had any special celebrations expect my niece will have a small birthday celebration on Sunday. I'll probably hang out with my friends next weekend and celebrate my own birthday and 2 of my friends'. Since I'm only turning 22, I don't think it's really important to celebrate it in a big way. I would just like to have a few friends over (since my mum is conveniently not home next weekend) and have a movie night and play some Just Dance games. So nothing fancy but that's enough for me :) For my niece's birthday party I'm quite excited to go because I couldn't attend last year and I even have a fun present picked out for her. 

In addition to all the birthday wishes and happiness, I have been really nervous this week. Firstly I had a job intervie…

A weekend in Helsinki

I spent the previous weekend in Helsinki visiting a friend who I got to know during my exchange study in Bangkok. During the time we spent together in Bangkok, we became very good friends and I missed hanging out with her during the spring when I was still in Thailand. When I came back to Finland, I was supposed to go to Helsinki to meet her as soon as possible but I had always something else to do. But finally I manage to reserve a weekend for that trip! 

Even though I'm a Finn and I have always lived about 2 hours from Helsinki, I haven't properly visited there. I know it's kind of stupid especially because it's the capitol... I have just went there to visit an embassy or gone to the zoo and that's it. So it's still quite unfamiliar city for me. That's why I was excited to go there and have my friend as a guide. Luckily she knows Helsinki very well and she lives there at the moment so I could stay at her place and she knew a few very good places. I had onl…