A weekend in Helsinki

I spent the previous weekend in Helsinki visiting a friend who I got to know during my exchange study in Bangkok. During the time we spent together in Bangkok, we became very good friends and I missed hanging out with her during the spring when I was still in Thailand. When I came back to Finland, I was supposed to go to Helsinki to meet her as soon as possible but I had always something else to do. But finally I manage to reserve a weekend for that trip! 

Even though I'm a Finn and I have always lived about 2 hours from Helsinki, I haven't properly visited there. I know it's kind of stupid especially because it's the capitol... I have just went there to visit an embassy or gone to the zoo and that's it. So it's still quite unfamiliar city for me. That's why I was excited to go there and have my friend as a guide. Luckily she knows Helsinki very well and she lives there at the moment so I could stay at her place and she knew a few very good places. I had only 2 plans for the weekend: to visit a store and buy a few things for my mum and take a picture at the Senate Square. We did those plus many other fun things. I got to eat really good food (twice Asian food), buy a lot of souvenirs which I'll take to Japan and experience 2 new vehicles in Finland: metro and tram. I had a great time with my friend and I really hope I manage to go visit her again soon. I'd love to do that since we still have many places to visit in Helsinki :)

Thai food as our first dinner, OF COURSE :D

A must-take tourist picture in Helsinki!
Luckily you can't really see the renovation
that's going on from this picture. 

Didn't even know about this event but I'm really glad we went there!
I got to buy lots of liquorice snacks etc. 
I was so happy to see my friend after about 10 months :)
xoxo, Elina


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