Spring news

Like last year my spring has been full of evenings when I watch nervously my team's games. And once again, for the 6th time in a row, we made it to the Finals. So I got to say, it feels pretty damn good to be rooting for a team that's become one of the strongest and best teams in the Finnish Hockey League.  No matter what happens this time, I'm proud of this team. Since I really hate that the games will end soon, I'm glad the World Championship games are still ahead! Go Finland 🇫🇮 and Tappara!

I have also quit eating snacks and all the yummy but unhealthy treats which I keep eating way too much. It's not forever but my goal is to stay like this until our trip to Thailand where I'll treat myself no matter what. But it's very good for me to stay away from candy, potato chips, ice-cream, soda, cookies etc for a while and I'm pretty sure I'll continue this after the trip. Now I just hope I'll be able to start exercising more too especially during the summer since my body really really needs it. 

Here's a picture of my first ever homemade smoothie bowl. I love watching pictures of these bowls on Instagram and I always think about how much I want to do them myself. So part of my "eating healthier" process was to start making these. At least this first one was delicious. The recipe was from a book I just bought from a fair in Jyväskylä so it turned out to be a good buy. I can't wait to try another recipe from that book. 

Earlier during Easter, I went back to Tampere to meet my friends and spend time at home. My friends and I decided to try a new Asian restaurant. We went there during lunch when they have a buffet filled with sushi and a few other Asian dishes. The food was great and I loved eating and hanging out with my friends after a long time. Later we still went to spend the evening at one of my friend's apartment and even though not everyone could come there, I had such a fun evening. Since I've been mostly alone after my dog died earlier this year, I couldn't be happier to have spent that day with my dearest friends. I just wish I was still living in the same city and we could meet more often. 

Now there's only 16 days left until we leave to Thailand. I'm super excited! I try to write more this month but let's see how busy (and tired) I'll be.

xoxo, Elina


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