keskiviikko 30. joulukuuta 2015

It's all going to work out, right?

For the past 3 weeks I have been busy organising my move, spending last days with my exchange friends and also last weeks in Bangkok. Earlier this month I said final goodbyes to my dear friend Madoka who went back to her home country Japan. We spent her last day here together just the two of us and I felt so sad the whole day. Of course we had our funny moments but still I got more and more sad as the day went by. I gave her a Moomin mug and some Moomin candy that my mum brought from Finland as a farewell present. She loves Moomins so I was happy to give those to her and also because they were something to remind her of Finland and me :) I also got a handwritten card from her and the text was something that I will never forget. I got tears in my eyes while reading it because I felt so thankful to have met such a kind and honest person. I was so glad that at least someone really appreciated the time I spent with her and I had made someone happy. She is really a person who I hope I will never lose. I wish our friendship will last although we live far far away from each other. That's why I really want to go to Osaka again next spring and I hope she manages to come to Finland someday in the future. 

Miss her so much ♥

We also did our nails together for the last time :)

In addition to everything, I have tried to enjoy familiar but also new things. I really love watching ice hockey and thanks to the internet I have managed to watch some games during my stay here. One of the most exciting games I have watched was between Tappara and Ilves that I watched this month. Both of the teams are from my home city and Tappara is my favourite teams so it's always fun to watch them compete against each other. This time my team won! 

I went to see my FIRST (No I'm not kidding) Star Wars movie with my friend who loves SW. Somehow I have never been interested in that movie series therefore I hadn't seen the previous ones and had almost any knowledge about them. But I was still willing to go with her especially because it was in 4D. I ended up liking the movie although I couldn't really understand everything even with my friend's explanation. Maybe in the future I will watch the previous ones too...

During one weekend there was a Great Gatsby themed Christmas market in K Village which is near where me and my friend live. We decided to check it out and also the K Village at the same time. Surprisingly I was able to buy a world map where you can scratch out the countries you have visited! I was very happy about that because I have wanted something like that for such a long time. Now I also have a nice case for my passport. There were quite a lot of booths selling food, clothes, jewellery, accessories for dogs and many other stuff. You could also play various games and win prizes which was nice for the children. We only bought dessert from there but our dinner we ate in one of the restaurants in K Village. One thing I have come to love about Bangkok is the amount of markets and how there are so many different kinds of them. If you ever visit Bangkok, you should find out if there's some special market open then. 

Cutest ice-cream ever! It was perfect for me :D

On Monday I visited my apartment in Laem Chabang for the first time. My friend came with me and we also took most of my belongings there. For the transportation I ended up using the GrabTaxi app. This was my first time using it but because you can order a big sized taxi and easily tell from where are you going and where to, I decided to use it. It was a really good decision because I got a really good and nice driver and he was okay with taking us back to Bangkok after I payed for my apartment and moved my stuff to the room. Some parts of the trip I wasn't really feeling well because the past 2 days I was ill and on Monday I still felt like I was going to throw up. This was actually my first time being sick during my exchange and I was quite angry with myself because the sickness really messed up my moving plans. My friend was also ill so we figured that the reason was probably the cake we ate on Christmas Eve or something else we ate then. Luckily I'm not feeling sick anymore but I'm really nervous about moving to a new place and how my internship is going to go. I'm not familiar with Laem Chabang and also doing an internship in a company where I'm going so it's a bit scary to be honest. But it's all going to work out, right? 

xoxo, Elina

torstai 24. joulukuuta 2015

Christmas Eve ♥


Christmas Eve. It's that day of the year once again. This time I spent it in Bangkok with a friend. Our day didn't go as planned but I'm still happy that I weren't alone and bored but had good company and at least something to do. We were supposed to eat Christmas buffet in IKEA but we didn't get in so we ended up eating in McDonalds feeling very angry and disappointed. But at least we got to go shopping in shops full of sale items! I ended up buying a few new clothes for my internship from Forever 21. After we got to my apartment, we ate some cake and watched Love Actually. Despite feeling not well the whole day, it was quite good Christmas Eve. But I was still missing my home, family and Finnish Christmas food. Fortunately there are more Christmases in the future and many of them I will for sure spend with my family so I tried keep my head up and have fun today :) 

Now I'm off to listen some EXO's Christmas songs (Miracles in December & Christmas Day ♥) and decide which K-drama I will still watch. I hope you all have a nice Christmas and be safe! 

xoxo, Ellu

Our Christmas cake 

lauantai 5. joulukuuta 2015

Everything must come to an end

Sorry I haven't been writing for a while but my mother was visiting me the past 2 weeks. So I used most of my time with her. We went shopping in various places, visited IKEA and just hanged out together. I was so glad to see her after 4 months although I had talked with her a lot in Skype. That's why yesterday when she left, was the saddest and hardest day for me so far during this exchange. To be honest I cried many times at home during the day and it felt really odd that she wasn't here anymore because I had gotten quite used to it already. Now I'm starting to feel okay but I'm still sad because I don't know when I will see her again and there's some scary and exciting things ahead. 

In other words I got an internship place from Valmet which is a Finnish company but internationally located. It's quite well-known company in Finland but still I didn't know how international it is. I applied for a summer job there last spring because they're situated in the city where I study but I didn't get in. Now when I got information about their locations in Thailand, I decided to try and apply for an internship. Right away I got good news and after I cleared some of their concerns, this week I received a message confirming my place there and that now I can start planning my move. Yes unfortunately I need to move away from my nice apartment and even from Bangkok because Valmet is located in Laem Chabang which is in the coast and has a huge port area. Bus drive from there to Bangkok is about 2 hours so it's not bad and it's even closer to Pattaya. If I get bored I can easily go somewhere for the weekend :) I'm really happy about this because this internship place is more connected to my studies than the previous one that I already got from Phuket. I also didn't really want to move to Phuket but be closer to Bangkok so that's another plus about this internship place. Now I just need to find and choose my new apartment and move my stuff there. I will probably visit Laem Chabang with my friend some day soon and go look at some apartments and also then choose the one I want. After that begins the most annoying part...packing my stuff and moving them to the new place. I hope I could for example from somewhere rent a car with a driver who will drive me and all of my stuff at once to Laem Chabang. But I don't know if they have any services like that here. Hopefully I will find out soon! 

In addition one other thing has come to an end...and that is my exchange study period! I had my last and well only exam on Tuesday and my classes ended already last week. Now I'm just waiting for my grades and I need to write 2 different reports for my home university. I can't believe how fast the time has gone although I knew this exchange period will go fast and I was a bit disappointed about how few months it is. I could have maybe continued my exchange but I didn't want it to postpone my internship and eventually my graduation so it was better to choose to do the internship and not a longer exchange period. But I'm very sad because one of my best friends here will leave in a bit over a week and I don't know when I will see her again. If everything goes well and my plan works, I will travel again to Osaka to meet her and also my other friend in the spring but that's not certain yet. Fortunately one other friend won't leave until next month so I will still have someone with who I can hang out before I need to stay permanently in Laem Chabang :)

xoxo, Elina

lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2015

Singapore 8.-12.10. ♥

Last month I travelled to Singapore so I can renew my visa and to spend my mid-term holiday. I flew with JetStar and tickets were together about 90€ + credit card fee. It was my first time using JetStar and I was quite satisfied with it although my return flight got delayed. I stayed in Chinatown hotel which was (surprisingly) located in Chinatown. I chose it because it was cheap, looked good and the location was very convenient. It was actually very nice and the location was perfect because it was between 2 metro stations which had 3 different lines so it was easy to go everywhere. Near the hotel there were also a lot of restaurants to choose from (Chinese, Thai, Italian, local...). My trip consisted of basic sight-seeing (Merlion, Marina Bay Sands, Bugis...), shopping and one day I spent in the Singapore Zoo & Night Safari. 


+ Cleanliness (Singapore was even more clean than most of the cities in Finland although the population is way more bigger than in Finnish cities. I was very surprised about that.) 

+ English language (People could speak English well so as a tourist you can manage very well if you know English. You don't need to know the local language to be able to talk with the locals.) 

+ Diversity (There were a lot of people with different nationalities which was interesting to see although I think it's also a con because for example in Thailand it's nice to be able to recognise right away who is local or not.) 

+ Metro system (It was very good, cheap and easy to use. I could go everywhere I needed with it and I highly recommend to get a Tourist Pass from a metro station because with that you can use metro and buses as much as you want for 1, 2, or 3 days.)

+ Prepaid sim-card (So far what I have experienced Singapore has the best Prepaid sim-card system for foreigners. It was so easy and fast to get in the airport. At the same time with exchanging money, I could get a sim-card for my phone. Many other countries should definitely copy this service to their airports.)


- Price level (After being in Thailand for a few months, Singapore felt very expensive although it was cheaper than Finland. Several things were multiple times more expensive than in Thailand but I wasn't surprised because I have heard Singapore is an expensive place. For once there was something that slowed down my shopping :D ) 

- Not so much to see, at least that's how I felt (Besides the few well-known sightseeing locations, there wasn't so much else to see or experience. But that's also a good thing because if you want to go somewhere only for the weekend, Singapore is a very good choice.)

Chinatown & area near my hotel:

Raffles & Fullerton: 

The Merlion & Marina Bay Sands & Singapore Flyer: 

Arab street & Haji lane:

Singapore Zoo & Night Safari: 

One of my favourites ♥ 

African painted dog
This species was new for me so I was 
quite excited to see something new and different.

Overall my trip to Singapore was very good and relaxing although it would have been nice to have someone with me because it was quite lonely sometimes. I think I wouldn't go to Singapore again because I feel like I saw everything I wanted and as a place it wasn't so amazing. If there were some day a K-Pop concert, then I would go there. I have actually already planned that if there's a concert and I get tickets then I will go there :D Otherwise I would prefer travelling somewhere else. I recommend Singapore for a weekend trip destination especially if you don't mind the expensive prices. 

xoxo, Elina