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Christmas 2016

Another Christmas has come and gone. Compared to last year's Christmas, this time it was way different. This year I spent it in Finland with my family and I got to eat traditional Finnish Christmas food and not McDonalds' like last year... Our plan for Christmas Eve changed a bit but still I had fun and enjoyed myself. But once again I got thinking that Christmas is actually quite annoying event because I feel like everyone is just stressing and worrying about presents, food, clothes, cleaning, family + possible work/school related things. So during the weeks leading to Christmas people are just bunch of stressed and burned out monkeys. I wish people would just forget all the stupid fuss about "what to buy as a present" "oh no I still need to cook this and this" "the house still looks horrible" and just enjoy and relax during Christmas time. But that probably won't happen ever especially in the Western countries... At least I tried to take it …

Living like a vampire

Living like a vampire...that's how my friend described my life when I told her about my work and sleep schedule for the past week. On last week's Monday I started working for the Finnish post as a Christmas helper and my last shift was last night. During this time I have been working every day or well actually night because I had only night shifts. The same time every night. Many people have been asking how was it, was it hard etc. I don't think it was that hard. It was actually quite the same as working during daytime. But there was one thing that helped a lot and it was the fact that we had something to do all the time and that's something which keeps me going. I know the nights would have been a lot worse for me if I didn't have something to do the whole shift. Plus every time I felt tired or at home I felt like I didn't want to go, I just thought about the good salary and additions for night work (+weekend work) I will get and just kept going. The work itse…

Hello December ♥

So November came and went just like that. Is it really December already? I'm actually excited about this month! There are many things coming...  Next week I'll spend in Japan which I can't wait! I really miss my Japanese friends and I can't believe I'll see EXO perform live once again. After I come back to Finland I'll have a couple of lessons and an exam left. I'm really nervous about the exam... I just hope I can pass it. During that week I'll also start a job with the Finnish post. It's only for 9 days because it's a Christmas helper work but I'm still glad I got it. Extra money = yes please! Someone might think I'm stupid but I'm quite excited to go to work for a change. Even though I'm going to be so busy because I need to prepare for Christmas at the same time. I bet there will be a day (days) when I'm not that excited anymore...

Let's look back at last month a bit. As I told earlier I had many birthdays to celebrate…

22 years old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! ♥ Years just keep on going faster and faster... Feels like yesterday when I was still 18 and now  I'm already 22! Honestly sometimes I feel very old even though I know 22 isn't that old yet. There are (hopefully) still a lot of years to come but there are also so many things that I want to do/experience so I feel like there are not enough years left. Enough with this age crisis text! 

This year my birthday consisted of driving to Helsinki and participating in a group job interview. I was left with a quite satisfied feeling about it and now I'm just anxiously waiting until I get the result of how it went and if I move on the next phase. It should take max 2 weeks so luckily I don't need to wait a really long time. After I finished the interview I drove straight back home with my mum. Then I was so tired that I just wanted to eat dinner and watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead. Now it's getting so late that I need to take Otto out and then…

Lots of birthdays and nervousness

This week has been full of birthdays and nervousness. My brother & his daughter + 2 of my friends had their birthdays this week and there are many more to come during this month including my own! None of them had any special celebrations expect my niece will have a small birthday celebration on Sunday. I'll probably hang out with my friends next weekend and celebrate my own birthday and 2 of my friends'. Since I'm only turning 22, I don't think it's really important to celebrate it in a big way. I would just like to have a few friends over (since my mum is conveniently not home next weekend) and have a movie night and play some Just Dance games. So nothing fancy but that's enough for me :) For my niece's birthday party I'm quite excited to go because I couldn't attend last year and I even have a fun present picked out for her. 

In addition to all the birthday wishes and happiness, I have been really nervous this week. Firstly I had a job intervie…

A weekend in Helsinki

I spent the previous weekend in Helsinki visiting a friend who I got to know during my exchange study in Bangkok. During the time we spent together in Bangkok, we became very good friends and I missed hanging out with her during the spring when I was still in Thailand. When I came back to Finland, I was supposed to go to Helsinki to meet her as soon as possible but I had always something else to do. But finally I manage to reserve a weekend for that trip! 

Even though I'm a Finn and I have always lived about 2 hours from Helsinki, I haven't properly visited there. I know it's kind of stupid especially because it's the capitol... I have just went there to visit an embassy or gone to the zoo and that's it. So it's still quite unfamiliar city for me. That's why I was excited to go there and have my friend as a guide. Luckily she knows Helsinki very well and she lives there at the moment so I could stay at her place and she knew a few very good places. I had onl…

Fall news!

A lot has happened during these past 2 months and that's maybe the reason why I feel like the time has gone really fast. I started my school last month and since then I have been travelling to Rauma almost every week. I thought long and hard about getting a new apartment from there but I ended up deciding to just use the bus and not attending all of my classes. Luckily I have a friend in Rauma who has accommodated me whenever I had to stay there overnight. Thank you Johanna! I think it has been really great to stay with her because that way we have been able to spend more time together and really catch up. So far I haven't had that many classes because my 2 courses in the 1st period didn't have many obligatory classes but starting from next week I'll probably have them much more with a couple of new courses. I just hope my friend doesn't get tired seeing me at her home :D I also just want to get these few last courses over with so I can graduate next year. But ther…

The Summer of 2016

Summer has been over a long time (at least here in Finland) and I'm already fed up with this dark and cold weather. So I have been thinking about last summer a lot and here's a recap of what happened then :) 

One of the first things I did when I got back to Finland last summer, was of course meeting my friends! We went out to eat and just hang out in the city center. It was great to finally catch up face-to-face and because I missed my friends a lot during my year abroad, it felt a bit unreal seeing them at first. 

My friends weren't the only people I wanted to finally meet face-to-face. I also wanted to meet my whole family so we arranged to meet at my sister's place. It was nice to see my brother and sister's families after a long time. I also got to eat proper Finnish barbecue food which tasted like heaven!
Next big event was my friend's wedding! I was really looking forward to it because I hadn't seen that friend yet because we live in different cities and…

Back again!

After a (too) long break, I'm back! My apologies for not writing anything for the past 2 months but I decided to take a break and focus on getting used to being back in Finland. Plus I have been super busy from time to time. 

Before telling what I have been doing lately, let's look back at my last days in Bangkok. My last days at work were really easy and I didn't have much to do. In a way I hoped I had more tasks so I wouldn't had been so bored but at least I had time to plan my last days and get used to the idea that my time in Thailand is almost over. On my second last work day, I went to enjoy a farewell dinner with the whole logistics team and a few other employees I got to know very well. I had a great time during that dinner and even though I felt happy, I still felt so sad because everyone was very nice and friendly to me the whole 6 months. The feelings I had were nothing compared to what I felt the next day when I finished working and it was time to leave for …