Christmas 2016

Another Christmas has come and gone. Compared to last year's Christmas, this time it was way different. This year I spent it in Finland with my family and I got to eat traditional Finnish Christmas food and not McDonalds' like last year... Our plan for Christmas Eve changed a bit but still I had fun and enjoyed myself. But once again I got thinking that Christmas is actually quite annoying event because I feel like everyone is just stressing and worrying about presents, food, clothes, cleaning, family + possible work/school related things. So during the weeks leading to Christmas people are just bunch of stressed and burned out monkeys. I wish people would just forget all the stupid fuss about "what to buy as a present" "oh no I still need to cook this and this" "the house still looks horrible" and just enjoy and relax during Christmas time. But that probably won't happen ever especially in the Western countries... At least I tried to take it easy even though I had to work and do a lot of cleaning at home. Luckily I didn't have to worry about presents because I had bought everything from Japan or somewhere else earlier and I like cleaning so that wasn't a problem. But it almost started to get on my nerves when I heard almost everyone panicking about something. 

I was excited about this year's Christmas because for a change I was going to spend it with my family and even though everything didn't go as I would have wanted, it was a nice Christmas. I was happy that I got to give out really nice gifts and I also got gifts which I liked a lot. Plus I got to play with my cameras (Otto wasn't that happy about it sometimes) :) 

I reeeeally wanted to get this!

Hopefully everyone had a great Christmas & please try to relax more next year, okay? :) 

xoxo, Elina


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