Hello December ♥

So November came and went just like that. Is it really December already? I'm actually excited about this month! There are many things coming...  Next week I'll spend in Japan which I can't wait! I really miss my Japanese friends and I can't believe I'll see EXO perform live once again. After I come back to Finland I'll have a couple of lessons and an exam left. I'm really nervous about the exam... I just hope I can pass it. During that week I'll also start a job with the Finnish post. It's only for 9 days because it's a Christmas helper work but I'm still glad I got it. Extra money = yes please! Someone might think I'm stupid but I'm quite excited to go to work for a change. Even though I'm going to be so busy because I need to prepare for Christmas at the same time. I bet there will be a day (days) when I'm not that excited anymore...

Let's look back at last month a bit. As I told earlier I had many birthdays to celebrate including my own. In addition to those celebrations, I got to celebrate my nephew getting his name. My brother and his wife had chosen me as his godmother which I gladly accepted. I just wish I'm going to be able to help him and be there whenever he needs it. I already decided that I won't be giving him lots of gifts which he might not even want/need but to spend time with him as much as possible. I can't wait to take him to Tappara's games and to other fun places :) 
Speaking of Tappara... Last month there were a couple of games that I wanted to go see but ended up staying at home. But on last Tuesday I finally made it! I went to see Tappara vs. Jukurit which was really interesting because it was the first time Jukurit played in Tampere. So it was quite a historical game. The game itself was full of surprising and suspenseful moments. Unfortunately Tappara lost 4-3 but it didn't bother me because I still enjoyed myself. Would have even more if the judges weren't so stupid almost during the whole game...

This week I also went to do some final purchases for my Japan trip. Now I'm all set and I have also finally managed to open my luggage. Now I just need to figure out what exactly to take with me and surprisingly clothes are the hardest to choose. Why they always have to be so difficult to choose? Luckily I still have time today and tomorrow even though I should also do some Christmas cleaning at home. 

Yesterday MAMA 2016 was held in Hong Kong where I once again would have loved to go but couldn't... At least this year I was able to find tickets but because I'm travelling to Japan on Monday I had to skip going to Hong Kong to attend MAMA. Maybe next year.... 
I was so happy that EXO won a Daesang (Album of the Year) for the 4th consecutive year! Congrats EXO, you really deserved it and all the other trophies :) Another thing which made me feel happy and proud was that BTS finally won their first Daesang (Artist of the Year). Those guys have come a really long way and they would have already deserved that award earlier but even more this year. There were a few other awards that I think went to the right group/artist too. Can't wait to see what other awards my favourite groups will win and all the special performances they will give in the next end of the year award ceremonies. They're going to be great as always. For me they're one of the highlights of December :)

xoxo, Elina


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