sunnuntai 29. kesäkuuta 2014

Weekend full of fun

Finally this weekend I have had something other than just being lazy at home watching tv series to do! :D and it has felt very good! 

On Friday I met up with Johanna for the first time after a long time. 
We went to walk around in the Rauma's city center and Old Rauma. 
Luckily it was a nice sunny and warm day :) 

 I bought new shoes which match perfectly with my new leggings which I had already bought earlier :) 

After walking around, we went to eat at Rauma's new Thai restaurant called Aroy (which means delicious). I ate fried rice with pork which was sooo good! It really tasted like Thai fried rice :D I'm definitely going there again someday! 

We also decided to go and see the new Transformers 4 -movie. 
It was our first time in the Iso Hannu -cinema and although it was small, I liked it.
The movie was also very good! I enjoyed it very much and were happy to see many good actors in it :) I definitely recommend it! 

On Saturday evening we went for a walk around Rauma and we also met up with William who is our classmate. It was nice to see him too and catch up.
In the end me and Johanna were soo tired because we had been walking around for 2 hours :D but I don't complain!
When I got home, I made some rhubarb kissel and strawberry milkshake. Yummyy :) 

Now I should go and make something to eat and get ready because I'm going to see the Maleficent -movie with Johanna :) 

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday evening! ♥


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torstai 26. kesäkuuta 2014

Happy news!

I got some good news! 
Me and my mum decided to not to stay in Finland for the next Christmas. 
Instead we are going to Seoul, South Korea! :)
We are going to leave on the 19th of December and come back on the 30th just before New Year's Eve. 
I can't wait to go there for the second time because I really liked Seoul when I was there before. 
Okay that may be because I like K-Pop and Korean people :D but still the city itself was very nice too. 

I have also decided to go to London and visit my babe in August but I still need to decide the dates and book flights and a hotel :) That trip will definitely be the highlight of this summer holiday ♥
Can't wait to go shopping there! :D 

Doota - Shopping Mall ♥
 Last week I also finally got my own copy of Battlefield 4 game! 
I have played it now for a few times and I just got to say that
I love it! 
I really hoped that it would be at least as good as Battlefield 3 and for my opinion it is. 
It might be even better but I'm not sure yet :D I need to keep playing it more. 
Only thing that I hate is that they changed some of the controls so I was (still am a little) confused but I'm sure that will pass after I have played it for a while. 
I highly recommend it to everyone who likes games similar to Battlefield! 

Last Saturday here in Finland was the Midsummer Day which is Juhannus in Finnish. 
People usually go to their cabins, barbecue good food, spend time with their family & friends, light bonfires and of course drink :D 
Me and my mum went to my brother's house on Friday to barbecue and celebrate Juhannus.
On Saturday I made a cake and just chilled at home enjoying that :D 

Today I came back to Rauma after almost 2 months. 
Oh how I've missed this place! 
I'm going to stay here for a week and then go back to Tampere but we'll see what happens :)
Tomorrow I'm finally going to see my friend Johanna as we go shopping and just hang out. 
So tomorrow is going to be a good day :) 

Btw sorry that this post is kind of a mess but I wanted to tell about all of these things in a same post :D

Now I'm off to take Otto out and then do my nails while watching Supernatural.
Bye and have a nice weekend! ♥


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tiistai 10. kesäkuuta 2014

Lazy days

Laiskoittelua, väsymystä ja tv-ohjelmien & elokuvien katselemista. 
Noista on mun päivät tehty :D 

Lämpöisinä ja aurinkoisina päivinä on tullut myös tehtyä Oton kanssa pitkiä lenkkejä ja nautittua kesästä ♥
On ihanaa mennä kävelemään vain ympäriinsä jopa myöhään illallakin kun joka paikassa on vihreätä, kukkia ja kesäinen raikas tuoksu. 

Kesätöiden puutteen vuoksi on myös paljon paljon ylimääräistä aikaa päivittäin joten on tullut jatkettua syksyllä aloitettua Täykkäreiden tuotantokausien katselua ja myös muutamien muiden ohjelmien uusimpien jaksojen katselua. Seuraan nyt mm. Baby Daddy, Awkward, Rookie Blue, Hit the Floor AGT, SYTYCD, The 100, Crisis & The Night Shift ohjelmia. Tänään alkaa myös vihdoinkin Pretty Little Liars:n 5. kausi! 
Myöhemmin tässä kuussa alkaa 2 parasta kesäsarjaa: Falling Skies ja Under the Dome. 
Niiden jatkumista on tullutkin odotettua ja PALJON! 
Päätinkin vielä katsoa Falling Skies:n 3 tuotantokautta ennen uuden alkamista vaikka 1. ja 2. on tullut nähtyä jo parikin kertaa, mutta siihen sarjaan ei vain kyllästy :D 
Odotan myös kovasti uuden kesäsarjan The Last Ship alkamista. 

Tänään tuli myös tilattua Battlefield 4 -peli Gigantista tekemisen puutteen ja etenkin älyttömän alhaisen hinnan takia. Maksoi nimittäin vain 15€ ja koska kaupasta oli loppunut jo Playstation 3:lle tarkoitetut pelit niin päätin tilata netistä kun sielläkin oli sama tarjous voimassa. On tehnyt jo kauan mieli ostaa tuo peli, mutta olen vain tyytynyt Battlefield 3:een ja muihin peleihin :D Toivottavasti posti toisi pakettini oikein pikavauhtia! 

Nyt voisi lähteä tallustelemaan ulos karvaisen herrani kanssa :)
Öitä kaikille! ♥

Lopuksi vielä kuva suklaakakusta, jonka tein vähän aika sitten ja jonka myötä on tehnyt mieli leipoa enemmänkin kaikkea hyvää. 
Seuraavaksi ajattelin tehdä mansikkatäytekakun tms :)


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maanantai 2. kesäkuuta 2014

Here again!

Hi all!

Long time no write :D 
I have not been writing for a while but I finally decided to come and tell what I have been doing and start writing more regularly for now on :)

So what have I done:

  • been on summer holiday for almost a month 
  • gone to the movies 
  • enjoyed hot and sunny weather
  • spent my time in Tampere
  • baked a chocolate cake by myself 
  • hanged out with friends ♥
  • waited anxiously for exam and course grades 
  • gone to the beach for the first time this summer 
  • lost my jacket 
  • seen the new Godzilla -movie in 3D
  • played Sims 3
  • eaten ice cream from Jugi
  • taken photographs
  • had 3 migraines (2 in 24 hours which was INSANE)
  • missed my babe ♥
  • cheered for Leijonat 
  • watched TV series and movies 
  • been angry, sad & happy 
  • waited for getting a summer job 
  • enjoyed wearing my summer clothes 
  • gone to see my friends' dance performances 
  • gone shopping 
  • listened to EXO's new album and LOVED IT ♥
  • planned to travel to London in August
  • wasted too much money
  • felt confused and miserable about what should I do 
  • watched men's ice hockey world championship games 
  • made long walks with my dog (especially in the nice evenings)
  • eaten too much
  • enjoyed SUMMER! ♥


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