Happy news!

I got some good news! 
Me and my mum decided to not to stay in Finland for the next Christmas. 
Instead we are going to Seoul, South Korea! :)
We are going to leave on the 19th of December and come back on the 30th just before New Year's Eve. 
I can't wait to go there for the second time because I really liked Seoul when I was there before. 
Okay that may be because I like K-Pop and Korean people :D but still the city itself was very nice too. 

I have also decided to go to London and visit my babe in August but I still need to decide the dates and book flights and a hotel :) That trip will definitely be the highlight of this summer holiday ♥
Can't wait to go shopping there! :D 

Doota - Shopping Mall ♥
 Last week I also finally got my own copy of Battlefield 4 game! 
I have played it now for a few times and I just got to say that
I love it! 
I really hoped that it would be at least as good as Battlefield 3 and for my opinion it is. 
It might be even better but I'm not sure yet :D I need to keep playing it more. 
Only thing that I hate is that they changed some of the controls so I was (still am a little) confused but I'm sure that will pass after I have played it for a while. 
I highly recommend it to everyone who likes games similar to Battlefield! 

Last Saturday here in Finland was the Midsummer Day which is Juhannus in Finnish. 
People usually go to their cabins, barbecue good food, spend time with their family & friends, light bonfires and of course drink :D 
Me and my mum went to my brother's house on Friday to barbecue and celebrate Juhannus.
On Saturday I made a cake and just chilled at home enjoying that :D 

Today I came back to Rauma after almost 2 months. 
Oh how I've missed this place! 
I'm going to stay here for a week and then go back to Tampere but we'll see what happens :)
Tomorrow I'm finally going to see my friend Johanna as we go shopping and just hang out. 
So tomorrow is going to be a good day :) 

Btw sorry that this post is kind of a mess but I wanted to tell about all of these things in a same post :D

Now I'm off to take Otto out and then do my nails while watching Supernatural.
Bye and have a nice weekend! ♥


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  1. Heetkinen, alkaako Under the Dome ihan näillä näppäimillä? Wuhuu!
    Kiva postauskin niin kuin aina. :)

  2. Joo alkaa huomenna Amerikassa ;)
    Kiitos ♥


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