Here again!

Hi all!

Long time no write :D 
I have not been writing for a while but I finally decided to come and tell what I have been doing and start writing more regularly for now on :)

So what have I done:

  • been on summer holiday for almost a month 
  • gone to the movies 
  • enjoyed hot and sunny weather
  • spent my time in Tampere
  • baked a chocolate cake by myself 
  • hanged out with friends ♥
  • waited anxiously for exam and course grades 
  • gone to the beach for the first time this summer 
  • lost my jacket 
  • seen the new Godzilla -movie in 3D
  • played Sims 3
  • eaten ice cream from Jugi
  • taken photographs
  • had 3 migraines (2 in 24 hours which was INSANE)
  • missed my babe ♥
  • cheered for Leijonat 
  • watched TV series and movies 
  • been angry, sad & happy 
  • waited for getting a summer job 
  • enjoyed wearing my summer clothes 
  • gone to see my friends' dance performances 
  • gone shopping 
  • listened to EXO's new album and LOVED IT ♥
  • planned to travel to London in August
  • wasted too much money
  • felt confused and miserable about what should I do 
  • watched men's ice hockey world championship games 
  • made long walks with my dog (especially in the nice evenings)
  • eaten too much
  • enjoyed SUMMER! ♥


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