Weekend full of fun

Finally this weekend I have had something other than just being lazy at home watching tv series to do! :D and it has felt very good! 

On Friday I met up with Johanna for the first time after a long time. 
We went to walk around in the Rauma's city center and Old Rauma. 
Luckily it was a nice sunny and warm day :) 

 I bought new shoes which match perfectly with my new leggings which I had already bought earlier :) 

After walking around, we went to eat at Rauma's new Thai restaurant called Aroy (which means delicious). I ate fried rice with pork which was sooo good! It really tasted like Thai fried rice :D I'm definitely going there again someday! 

We also decided to go and see the new Transformers 4 -movie. 
It was our first time in the Iso Hannu -cinema and although it was small, I liked it.
The movie was also very good! I enjoyed it very much and were happy to see many good actors in it :) I definitely recommend it! 

On Saturday evening we went for a walk around Rauma and we also met up with William who is our classmate. It was nice to see him too and catch up.
In the end me and Johanna were soo tired because we had been walking around for 2 hours :D but I don't complain!
When I got home, I made some rhubarb kissel and strawberry milkshake. Yummyy :) 

Now I should go and make something to eat and get ready because I'm going to see the Maleficent -movie with Johanna :) 

Have a nice and relaxing Sunday evening! ♥


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