Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on elokuu, 2017.

1 week to go!

In one week I'll be going back to my 2nd home at least for a short while. Next Monday I'm flying to Bangkok with my mum for a 10 -day holiday. My mum has to do some shopping for her company and well I don't really need to have a reason to go there... But actually this time I'm not just thinking about the shopping and eating etc I can do there. This time I'll have friends to meet too which is awesome! Right away on Tuesday after I arrive in Bangkok, I will meet one of my Japanese friends who's on holiday there too. Last time I saw her was in Osaka last December so it's nice to see her again after many months. There's one other person who I'm really excited to meet after a bit over 1 year: Koh, my dear Thai friend. I can't wait to meet him and fortunately I'll probably see him too right away on the first day. Having friends around the world is just the best thing ever! It makes travelling a whole lot more exciting. Although I'm not saying …


Last month finally came the day for my graduation. After a bit under 4 years of “hard” work, I could at last say goodbye to studying (at least for a while), receive my certificates and put behind yet another chapter in my life. I had been nervous about the graduation the whole spring since I wasn’t sure if I can finish my thesis on time because there were so many deadlines to comply and I often wasn’t that hardworking with my writing. I even started to think about postponing the graduation until fall since I wouldn’t need the certificates during summer but my mum kept pushing me while saying that if I need to apply for a job in the fall then I would really need the certificates. So I did my best and luckily my teacher also helped me to finish everything so I could graduate in June.
Then came June and the official graduation day. Even though the graduation day was a Friday, I could attend thanks to my nice boss who let me skip work that day. Fortunately, my mum agreed to drive me to Rau…

Change is good

Not sure how many people agree with me but I think change is good. I’m a person who doesn’t like everything being the same always. I have a lot of small things in my life that I like to change from time to time: all kinds of wallpapers (in my phone and laptop), my phone’s ringtone and the case, the handbag I use, my hair color and style and nail color (using the same nail polish again is a NO NO). My blog’s layout is one of those things too and that’s why I like to change it quite often. I did some changes once again and this time I ended up changing the layout a lot. I got tired of the same basic layout with just different picture in the background so now I ditched the old boring layout and decided to try something totally different. I’m really happy with the new layout and especially the color (pink is the best!) but I still might change it so bare with me! I hope you like my “new” blog and keep reading it no matter how the layout looks.

Actually, there’s one more thing I would like…