Change is good

Not sure how many people agree with me but I think change is good. I’m a person who doesn’t like everything being the same always. I have a lot of small things in my life that I like to change from time to time: all kinds of wallpapers (in my phone and laptop), my phone’s ringtone and the case, the handbag I use, my hair color and style and nail color (using the same nail polish again is a NO NO). My blog’s layout is one of those things too and that’s why I like to change it quite often. I did some changes once again and this time I ended up changing the layout a lot. I got tired of the same basic layout with just different picture in the background so now I ditched the old boring layout and decided to try something totally different. I’m really happy with the new layout and especially the color (pink is the best!) but I still might change it so bare with me! I hope you like my “new” blog and keep reading it no matter how the layout looks.

Actually, there’s one more thing I would like to change in my life. After living over 10 years in a same place in Tampere, I was getting tired of the same neighborhood and especially the places where I went with my dog. So after I knew I had to move to a new city due to my studies, I was really excited. A new city, a new neighborhood and a new home. Then just as I was getting a bit tired of that place too, I moved to Thailand which was even more exciting and different. Now again I live in a new city in Finland and have a new home which I like very much. From the beginning of next year I don’t know where I’ll be but hopefully it’s a nice place. So if you didn’t realize already, I don’t like to live in the same place forever especially if it’s in Finland. Luckily to help with that I have been lately researching a lot about various master degree options in Thailand and South Korea but more about that later…

xoxo, Elina 


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