1 week to go!

In one week I'll be going back to my 2nd home at least for a short while. Next Monday I'm flying to Bangkok with my mum for a 10 -day holiday. My mum has to do some shopping for her company and well I don't really need to have a reason to go there... But actually this time I'm not just thinking about the shopping and eating etc I can do there. This time I'll have friends to meet too which is awesome! Right away on Tuesday after I arrive in Bangkok, I will meet one of my Japanese friends who's on holiday there too. Last time I saw her was in Osaka last December so it's nice to see her again after many months. There's one other person who I'm really excited to meet after a bit over 1 year: Koh, my dear Thai friend. I can't wait to meet him and fortunately I'll probably see him too right away on the first day. Having friends around the world is just the best thing ever! It makes travelling a whole lot more exciting. Although I'm not saying that I won't enjoy travelling with my mum because I'm really looking forward to travelling with her again especially after I've made a few trips alone or with someone else. Plus since we have been in Thailand together many many times, we have a few things we like to do together during every trip so I'm excited for those too (for exmple going to eat in Sizzler on the first and last day of our trip).

They were the last people I saw in Thailand before I left. Can't believe I'll meet both of them again next week!

Now I just have to make it through this week still and then I can relax, have fun and most importantly gather energy for the upcoming dark and depressing fall/winter. Making it through this week is not as easy as it could be....I have a lot to do at work, I need to pack my stuff and make my way to Tampere on Friday and then during the weekend do some last minute laundry and packing (+ all the chores my mum throws at me). It doesn't really help that I'm sooo tired after work and can't get anything done...AND when I'm supposed to sleep I just think about the trip and my friends who I'll meet. That has been a problem already for a couple of weeks and it probably will get even worse this week. I really need to come up with a way to stay awake after work and also to be able to sleep without staying up late...

See you soon Bangkok!

Have a great week everyone!

xoxo, Elina


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