Last month finally came the day for my graduation. After a bit under 4 years of “hard” work, I could at last say goodbye to studying (at least for a while), receive my certificates and put behind yet another chapter in my life. I had been nervous about the graduation the whole spring since I wasn’t sure if I can finish my thesis on time because there were so many deadlines to comply and I often wasn’t that hardworking with my writing. I even started to think about postponing the graduation until fall since I wouldn’t need the certificates during summer but my mum kept pushing me while saying that if I need to apply for a job in the fall then I would really need the certificates. So I did my best and luckily my teacher also helped me to finish everything so I could graduate in June.
Then came June and the official graduation day. Even though the graduation day was a Friday, I could attend thanks to my nice boss who let me skip work that day. Fortunately, my mum agreed to drive me to Rauma so I didn’t need to use a bus and that way I could also get back to Tampere more early. The ceremony itself was very small because my campus is small and many students didn’t attend. At first we had a live video connection to the main campus in Pori where a few people gave speeches and they announced some thesis competition’s winners. After that every campus of SAMK started their own programs. We had a music performance and then the teachers gave certificates to all the different degree students. In the end we had another music performance and one of the graduating students gave a speech. After the ceremony we still had coffee and cake served. My dear friend, who I met when I started studying, also graduated which was great since we could celebrate together on that day. 
Goodbye SAMK!
On the next day I saw my friends in Tampere and we went to celebrate mine and 3 of my friend's graduations. We went to eat in Stefan's Steakhouse which was such a great choice. I had heard a lot of good things about that restaurant so I suggested it to my friends. It was nice to eat in a proper restaurant for a change. Of course it was expensive but what the heck it was for graduation! The food was very tasty and the service we got was good too. I would definitely recommend this restaurant! 

On Sunday before I went back to Jyväskylä, I still celebrated with my family. We barbecued at my brother's house and had a good time together. My family had even bought me a graduation present but it was still on its way to Finland...

More good food ❤

I can't believe I finally graduated and I don't have to go back to school in the fall! For once I can do something else than studying in other words work. So now I just want to work for a while and maybe later do the Master's Degree (might do it already next year...)

xoxo, Elina 


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