Näytetään blogitekstit, joiden ajankohta on elokuu, 2015.

Marble Temple & Wat Pho

Earlier this month I met up with my Japanese friend and also a French girl who is living on the same floor as me. We went to see two temples: Marble Temple and Wat Pho. I had visited Marble Temple already last October but I was happy to go there again since I hadn't seen the whole place. After a LOT of walking in the torturing heat and sun, we went to eat in a pier where we could watch the Chao Phraya river and a temple across the other side. We had a very fun day and it was nice to meet a new person and also make a new friend. 

Here's some pictures from that day: 

Marble Temple: 

Wat Pho 

2015 Dream Concert ♥

The 21st Dream Concert was held on 23rd of May and it was the first K-Pop concert I attended. I accidentally found a website called Lotte JTB where foreigners can buy tickets to some events including this year's Dream Concert. There were 3 kinds of tickets: VIP, R & S. I was going to get the VIP tickets but they were sold out so I bought the R ticket which was fine too because all of the Lotte JTB seats were near the stage. The ticket buying process was a bit different from what I have gotten used to because I couldn't choose my seat but it was given on the concert day based on a "first come, first serve" style. I received the ticket and some instructions by email about 1 week before the concert day. One of my biggest concerns was camera and is it allowed there. In the instructions there was in the prohibited list taking photographs but not camera. Although I have seen a lot of people taking pictures and videos when I have watched videos from several concerts, I …