Goodbye Finland, Hello Thailand!

Here I am in Bangkok once again! During the last days in Finland, I got nervous and a bit sad about leaving but once I got to Bangkok and saw many things here that I love and which are familiar to me, I got very happy and excited. Now during these first 4 days I have gotten this feeling that I have had during all of our trips here. I'm afraid my time will run out and very soon I will have to go back home to Finland. It's very hard this time to get it into my head that no I'm not here just for 1-2 weeks but many months maybe even a year. I hope it will stick to my head very soon because I really hate this feeling. 

The last days I spent in Finland went quickly because of all the things and packing I had to do and also I babysat my niece on Wednesday so her mother could go pick blueberries. It was a lot of fun especially because I won't see that little (quite big already nowadays) in a long time. After that the whole evening went by packing or more like trying to pack. I had already put quite a lot of stuff aside so it would be easier to pack but still it was hard. Finally I gave up and went to bed and continued in the morning :D My sister and her family took us to the airport which was nice because I got to say properly goodbye and everything. Then the waiting started...But this time I was quite surprised when we got to our gate because next to it there was a Burger King. FINALLY there was a fast food chain restaurant in the Helsinki Vantaa airport! I can't believe it took so long for something like that to come there! But...there's always that but. The service was ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. First I had to wait in line a long time because the cashier dude kept talking with another customer in front of me and when I had ordered I had to wait for the food for about 20 minutes. For my opinion that's waaaaay too long waiting time in a fast food restaurant. I didn't even get cups where I could have already put drinks in like some other customers. Another thing I thought didn't work at all there was that they wrote the customer's name in the receipt and when the order was ready the shouted that name. Well of course during the time I was waiting near the cashiers, they shouted many names but nobody came to collect the orders. So then the employees started talking together and figure out who took that order and what the customer looked like and during this time nobody was putting the orders together and serving the customers. In a conclusion there were way too few employees which is very stupid considering how many people are without a job in Finland. But at least the burger tasted good and it was quite big :) 

The flight went quite quickly maybe because I'm so used to it. From the airport we went straight to the hotel which is this time in the Chinatown area. After a quick rest we headed out and went to eat and exchange more money. 

I also eat a nice chicken steak but I forgot to take a picture of it :D 

During the weekend we went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market and bought some of the things my mum needed. Yesterday after we went to eat in a coupon place, we went to a Big C to buy me a hair dryer and also some food & beverages. There I encountered some local guy who seemed very interested in me. I'm already quite used to it when guys and also women look at me because of light skin and long legs but this guy even said something to me in Thai when he went pass me the second time. Also after we had bought our stuff and I went to the toilet and came back he walked in front of me and kept looking and smiling at me :D Some people might think that is annoying or creepy or something like that but I think it was quite funny :D I just wished he would have spoken English because then I could have answered something. Maybe some day I will encounter someone like that... :) 

Anyways I hope my time here will continue as good as it has began :) 

xoxo, Elina


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