As you all probably know, a bomb went off on Monday here in Bangkok killing at least 20 people and injuring over 100 people. I was lucky not to be in that place but actually it came quite close. Me and my 2 friends took a taxi from our university to Siam Paragon which was very close to the shrine and where the bomb exploded. We also used that intersection when we were going there and we also walked outside on the street because we were going to MBK. From there me and my other friend took a taxi and my second friend used the skytrain. We got to the taxi about 5-10 minutes before the bomb exploded but luckily the driver didn't use the same way as the driver who brought us to that Siam area. 

In two places we were sitting in a traffic jam and on the second place we started to see A LOT of ambulances and other vehicles with sirens and lights going pass us. We started to get a bit worried and then the driver tried to explain us that he heard from the radio that a bomb went off at Siam World. Then we got really scared and shocked! Right away we started to check out our social media pages and news etc and then we got a few pictures from other exchange students and the pictures were from the blast site. Especially one of them was GRUESOME and I really got shocked looking at it. Luckily some of the exchange students that still were in that Siam area during the explosion, were inside of Paragon and just heard a very loud sound and then they saw absolute chaos outside so nobody from our exchange student group got hurt. 

It was so torturing just sit in the taxi and try to get more information with bad internet connection :D So when I got to my apartment I managed to read more news and see pictures and videos. I also contacted my friends and my mum who I already had called briefly in the taxi. My friends were begging me to come back home to safety but I just kept saying NO and that I won't still give up. Of course I was very horrified, sad, mad and shocked but I'm a person who thinks that if something like that happens to me then it happens and I can't do anything about it. I also think you shouldn't stop living your life when something like that happens because then the idiots and bad people win. So that's what I'm doing now or trying to do :) There are now areas which we should avoid and luckily some of them are where I don't usually even go so it doesn't matter. But there are couple of places where I want to go this and next week but I still need to think about will I go or not. I just hate to stay in my apartment and this area where I live and go to school... But I'm glad this area is not one of the areas that you should avoid because this is not popular with tourists. 

When I was in class on Tuesday I got the news about the second bombing attempt. I was like oh my god not again but when I read it failed and there were no casualties, I was very relieved. After that second attempt, we have started to think is it really not safe to go anywhere and are you always in danger... The places where I have planned to go are Chatuchack weekend market and shopping places in Pratunam area and the reason why I'm a bit not sure of will I go is that those places are always full of tourists so they could be potential targets. Let's see if the police can capture they main suspect before I will go :) 

I can read about tragedies happened around the world at home in Finland and I always get a bit sad and worried but not this much. This time I actually was in the same city and also I went to that place earlier that day so now it's much more shocking and worrying. Trust me if you some day experience the same I did on Monday, you will know what I mean! But now we just have to hope and wait for the police to capture the idiot cowards who did that horrible thing for such innocent people and I'm also very interested to know what was the motive. WHY they did this to innocent people who had said or done anything bad for them? Sometimes it's just so hard to understand what goes on somebody's mind... 

Pray for Bangkok and all the victims and their families ♥

xoxo, Elina


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