First weeks in the land of smiles :)

I have now been here for about 3 weeks and the first 12 days I was with my mum as we took care of things related to my apartment and school. We also went to buy some things for her company. She left back to Finland on last week's Tuesday so I have been here alone for a bit over a week now and it hasn't been so hard as I thought it would be. That's mainly because I have already made a few friends so I haven't been really alone and every day I have went somewhere with someone. Although a couple of days I have just stayed at home because I like to have some alone time too sometimes and we still have a lot of time to hang out together and go to many places. 

My first manicure here!
I just LOVE to go and get a manicure here because it's so cheap
and the people are very talented :)

Last week I bought shirts and accessories for my school uniform. It's nice to have 2 different kinds of shirts because the more formal one is quite hot due to the fabric. I also bought 2 black ballerinas for school because you're not supposed to wear flip-flops or ballerinas that show your legs much. Now I have been using the uniform for a few days, on the first orientation day and on Tuesday when I had my first class. It feels very weird but still I really like the uniform so I'm happy to wear it :D I can wear my other clothes on my free time which I will have a lot so it doesn't matter if I can't wear them at school. 

Last week I already hanged out with my Japanese friend who is also an exchange student. We actually went out almost every day because she wanted me to show her around and of course I was happy to do that. We have become very good friends and this week we have also been meeting at school and made some plans for upcoming days. 

Here's some food pictures from these first weeks: 

Crispy egg noodles with pork in gravy sauce

Fried noodles with chicken
There was one taste that I didn't like and unfortunately
I don't where did it come from :(

Went for an ice-cream to Swensen's with my mum on her last evening here :)

Tried some Japanese food thanks to my friend
and it was actually very good!
It was really a good tip :)
On 12th of this month was the Queen's birthday and also Mother's Day here in Thailand. There were some celebration activities near the Grand Palace and somewhere else too but we had other plans for that day. We saw these cake pieces in a grocery store, they were so cute! And also when we went to get our nails done, we got as a gift a brooch that had a white flower which is the symbol of Mother's day here. 

These were the nails I got done last week's Wednesday for our school orientation :)
Love them and they only cost 450 baht! And the lady even did the
ribbons by herself using acrylic powder and some liquid! 
Last Saturday I went to the Siam area to visit Siam Paragon and MBK with my friend. We visited the Forever 21, H&M and Victoria's Secret stores. The prices were too similar to Finnish prices so I didn't buy anything. But when we went to my favourite bookstore, I just had to buy 2 books: Zoo and The Strain. There are tv shows about both of the books and I love them! So I thought I would also read the books and see which ones are better. 

Our very yummy lunch in Siam Paragon 
On Monday I went to the school with my friends to get some extra course because I didn't one that I wanted. In the end I took a Special Topics in Entrepreneurship course and I was actually able to switch my Thai 1 course to Thai 2 which was awesome! I had been quite disappointed and angry because I only got the Thai 1 course so I would have to study the same basic things that I already learned in my home university. Luckily I could change it! 

On Tuesday I had my first class, Marketing Research. Honestly it was quite horrible class... I felt like I haven't studied nothing about marketing what will be in that course and the teacher even said that most of the students drop out of the course. During that first class there were quite many who just left and never came back :D I have now very mixed feelings about that course because I'm not that sure if I will pass the exams and a project which we have to do but still I really would like to study that course here so I wouldn't have to take it in Finland when I go back because we have that same course in my home university too. I will go to the class next week and then decide what I'm going to do. Now I really hope my other courses will be much nicer and easier! I will find that out tomorrow....

xoxo, Elina 


  1. Onpa ihania ruokakuvia, tuli nälkä :D Ruokajutuista olis kiva kuulla jossain vaiheessa lisääkin! Ja kynnet on tosi kivat, mahtavat etenkin nuo punapilkulliset. Mukavaa vaihtoa sulle! :)

    Venla + Kanada

    1. Kiitos kommentista ja ehdotuksesta! :) Pistän tulemaan lisää ruokajuttuja mahdollisimman pian!


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