BUIC orientation

On Thursday and Friday I had my orientation days at BUIC. On Thursday we got all kinds of information, the faculty and the school's president were introduced as were the student committee and school clubs, a group foto was taken and got to know what courses I got from last week's registration. The day was quite boring from time to time because there were moments when nobody knew where my group aka all the entrepreneurship students need to go and do and we had to wait quite a long time many points. The campus tour that was given to our group was also quite useless because you couldn't always hear what the tutor student said about the place and there were so much information that you just couldn't remember everything in the end of it. But overall it was a nice day especially I got to see all the other exchange students and who are studying what major and I also made a couple of new Finnish friends :) I was also surprised and happy to see how many Asian students there were as exchange students and of course as new full time students because I will be studying with both and it would be nice to get to know more Asian students. On Thursday we also had to wear the proper school uniform the first time: 
School uniform
Map of our City Campus
On Friday we had our second orientation day which was more like a trip day. We started the day at our campus and took a group foto and then got sorted out in our 6 huge buses. First we visited Bangkok University's second campus named Rangsit campus which is even bigger. For exchange students most of the courses are in the City campus but it's not prohibited to take also courses that are in Rangsit campus. It's just so far away from our campus that most of the students don't want to take courses in there :D 

Rangsit campus's diamond shaped buildings
After about 20 minutes we went back to the buses and got burgers from McDonalds as we were heading to Ayutthaya which is the old capitol of Thailand. Our first stop in Ayutthaya was a big temple area which seemed very popular because there were many many buses full of children on a school trip and also some tourists. I hanged out with my Japanese and Finnish friend the whole day and in the temple area we went around only a little bit and then just found somewhere to sit and waited until it was time to leave. It was such a hot and sunny day so we didn't have that much interest just walk around there and Ayutthaya is so close to Bangkok that we can get there easily some other day if we want to. 

One of the temples in a big temple area in Ayutthaya

The next stop was a hotel where we had a buffet lunch. The hotel was actually supposed to be the same one where me and my family were 2 years ago but the school had changed the hotel for some reason. The lunch was good and it was nice to get something to eat and drink and just take it easy for a while. 

The last stop was a floating market in Ayutthaya. Me and my friends wanted to stay in the bus but the driver wanted to keep the doors closed and put the air conditioning off so we had to leave. If you knew how hot it was then you would understand why we didn't want to go there :D We also had to wake up very early so everyone was sleepy and not so in the mood. But we went to get some smoothies and snacks and I finally got to buy a new fan and then luckily it was time to leave. You could have gone to an elephant ride there also and of course buy many different kinds of food and souvenirs. A place worth the visit I would say! 

I was left a good and quite satisfied feeling of both orientation days. Of course there were something that could have been better but I think there isn't a school that can organise everything perfectly especially those schools that have a lot of students like Bangkok University. At least I got to see the other exchange students although I didn't talk or hang out with most of them. Now that we had these orientation days it's nicer to start studying next week :) 

On our way back to our campus
xoxo, Elina


  1. Olen itsekkin hakemassa BUIC'iin ja haluisin kysyä oliko lyhythihainen kauluspaita ehdoton? En oikeen pidä yhtään lyhythihasista vaatteista ja ne tekevät oloni epämukavaksi, niin onko mahdollista naisten käyttää samanlaista pitkähihasta kauluspaitaa niinkuin miespuoliset opiskelijat?

    1. Ei ole ehdoton joten pitäisi olla ihan mahdollista naisenakin käyttää pitkähihaista kauluspaitaa. Sen koulupuvun pitäminen ei ollut muutenkaan aivan ehdotonta vaan suurin osa vaihtareista ja osa thaimaalaisista opiskelijoista eivät pukeutuneet aina tunneille koulupuku sääntöjen mukaan. Kunhan kokeisiin muistat pistää koulupuvun niin on hyvä :) Ja Bangkokin yliopistohan on yksi harvoista thaimaalaisista yliopistoista missä miehet saa käyttää naisten koulupukua ja toisin päin ;)


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