The Summer of 2016

Summer has been over a long time (at least here in Finland) and I'm already fed up with this dark and cold weather. So I have been thinking about last summer a lot and here's a recap of what happened then :) 

One of the first things I did when I got back to Finland last summer, was of course meeting my friends! We went out to eat and just hang out in the city center. It was great to finally catch up face-to-face and because I missed my friends a lot during my year abroad, it felt a bit unreal seeing them at first. 

My friends weren't the only people I wanted to finally meet face-to-face. I also wanted to meet my whole family so we arranged to meet at my sister's place. It was nice to see my brother and sister's families after a long time. I also got to eat proper Finnish barbecue food which tasted like heaven!

Me and my mum made the dessert which was also really delicious! 
Next big event was my friend's wedding! I was really looking forward to it because I hadn't seen that friend yet because we live in different cities and this was only my second time attending a wedding. I was supposed to go there alone and just hang out with a friend who I got to know in my university with the bride but... In the end I decided to bring one of my friends as my avec which turned out to be a really strange (+ annoying) thing for some people. I thought it wasn't wrong or strange because in my opinion avec doesn't have to be a girl/boyfriend. My decision turned out to be a good choice because I had fun with my friend and she also enjoyed the wedding. The ceremony was very nice and the "party" after it was fun even though we couldn't stay there long. Food was really delicious and I got to hear some great speeches. I was also glad to see my two friends from the university. 

Found this dress from Bangkok &
fell in love with it straight away.
My lovely friend avec :)

Another big event that I had been waiting anxiously for months, took place during the summer. I rented the same cottage where I spent my farewell with friends last summer. This time I wanted to spend more time there so I rented it for a week. The plan was to spend a weekend there with friends and other days with my mum. In the end we had to change the dates but luckily we managed to keep the same plan. I really enjoyed staying there for a few days just with my mum and my dog and the weekend with my friends. That was absolutely my favorite time during this summer. After being in Thailand for a year, it felt great to spend a week in the middle of nowhere and just enjoy the nature and the company of my mum and friends. I was also really happy to see my dog enjoy himself a lot there. Can't wait to do something like this again next summer!

You wanna marshmallow?

My bae 
Before summer was over it was time to celebrate the birthday of one of my sister's children. In addition I did my aunt duties which I couldn't do the past year. I got to babysit my brother's daughter which I had actually been waiting for. She's just so cute and I love that she has parents with 2 nationalities. Can't wait to see what she'll be when so grows up. 

She's Thai-Finnish and still gives her aunt a hard time sometimes
just like my sister's children when they were little :D 
So my summer consisted a lot of things that I had been waiting for when I was in Thailand and things that I couldn't do there. Even though I was happy experiencing all of those things, I was quite sad to be here and I missed many activities in Thailand. But at least I realised that it was really good that I came back during the summer and not earlier or later... This year's summer in Finland was quite cold but the weather what we're experiencing at the moment would have been much worse to experience when I came back from Thailand. During almost every day the past few weeks, I have been thinking about how much I would love to be in the melting hot weather in Thailand. I just wish winter was here already even though it mean even colder temperature. But at least we could have SNOW! Luckily there's a chance of getting first snow where I live next week :D I hope that comes true because I really miss snow. Oh you just wait a few months and you get to read my ranting about how TOO MUCH snow we have... In the mean time I'm just going to enjoy my summer pictures :) 

xoxo, Elina


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