22 years old

Years just keep on going faster and faster... Feels like yesterday when I was still 18 and now  I'm already 22! Honestly sometimes I feel very old even though I know 22 isn't that old yet. There are (hopefully) still a lot of years to come but there are also so many things that I want to do/experience so I feel like there are not enough years left. Enough with this age crisis text! 

This year my birthday consisted of driving to Helsinki and participating in a group job interview. I was left with a quite satisfied feeling about it and now I'm just anxiously waiting until I get the result of how it went and if I move on the next phase. It should take max 2 weeks so luckily I don't need to wait a really long time. After I finished the interview I drove straight back home with my mum. Then I was so tired that I just wanted to eat dinner and watch the newest episode of The Walking Dead. Now it's getting so late that I need to take Otto out and then head to bed because tomorrow I need to go do some studying in Rauma for a change. 

Goodnight everyone! 

xoxo, Elina

PS. Here's what I got myself as a birthday present :D 
Now I'm ready for my birthday "party" this Saturday 
& for EXO's concert in Osaka next month! 


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