Lots of birthdays and nervousness

This week has been full of birthdays and nervousness. My brother & his daughter + 2 of my friends had their birthdays this week and there are many more to come during this month including my own! None of them had any special celebrations expect my niece will have a small birthday celebration on Sunday. I'll probably hang out with my friends next weekend and celebrate my own birthday and 2 of my friends'. Since I'm only turning 22, I don't think it's really important to celebrate it in a big way. I would just like to have a few friends over (since my mum is conveniently not home next weekend) and have a movie night and play some Just Dance games. So nothing fancy but that's enough for me :) For my niece's birthday party I'm quite excited to go because I couldn't attend last year and I even have a fun present picked out for her. 

In addition to all the birthday wishes and happiness, I have been really nervous this week. Firstly I had a job interview on Tuesday which wasn't that bad actually and I think I'll get the job. It's not a big job but I would still be very happy to get it so I could get more experience and also some pocket money. But on Thursday came the day I had not been waited for at all. The reason was a dentist appointment. I went to a dentist already in September and it was only a check up (but I still almost shitted my pants then too) but this time they filled out some holes and I had been so scared this whole time as I waited for that day. I thought of many other unpleasant things that I would have accepted to do rather than go to the dentist. I think if I hadn't have so bad experiences about the local anesthesias, I wouldn't have been so afraid about the dentist appointment. Luckily I managed to drag myself to the dentist and after suffering to some extent at first, I was able to get out of there without pissing my pants. So once again I was really afraid for no reason but at least I got some more confidence for my next dentist appointment which is already in 2 weeks (!). I'm just glad I got it over with and now I can be at peace at least for a little while (+ now my teeth are much better). Unfortunately the next day full of nervousness and wanting to escape is already on Monday... Then I'm going to another job interview which is for a job that I have been dreaming of for soooo many years. More about that later (maybe)... 

xoxo, Elina


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