Christmas Eve ♥


Christmas Eve. It's that day of the year once again. This time I spent it in Bangkok with a friend. Our day didn't go as planned but I'm still happy that I weren't alone and bored but had good company and at least something to do. We were supposed to eat Christmas buffet in IKEA but we didn't get in so we ended up eating in McDonalds feeling very angry and disappointed. But at least we got to go shopping in shops full of sale items! I ended up buying a few new clothes for my internship from Forever 21. After we got to my apartment, we ate some cake and watched Love Actually. Despite feeling not well the whole day, it was quite good Christmas Eve. But I was still missing my home, family and Finnish Christmas food. Fortunately there are more Christmases in the future and many of them I will for sure spend with my family so I tried keep my head up and have fun today :) 

Now I'm off to listen some EXO's Christmas songs (Miracles in December & Christmas Day ♥) and decide which K-drama I will still watch. I hope you all have a nice Christmas and be safe! 

xoxo, Ellu

Our Christmas cake 


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