EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion in Osaka ♥

Firstly I need to say that I don't have any pictures from the actual concerts because Japanese people are apparently REALLY strict about banning taking photos/videos before, during and after the concert. I thought the people at the Dream Concert were strict but they weren't even close! On the 1st concert day in Osaka, while sitting in my seat and waiting for the concert to start and I saw one girl taking a picture of the EMPTY stage with screens that only had the EXO'luXion concert name. Right away one of the security guards walked to her and she was forced to delete the photo while the guard watched her do that and then he gave her a lecture about taking photos etc. After that it was clear: I wouldn't even take my camera and phone out of my bag. The guards even took some of the fan signs etc away... So unfortunately I don't have any pics/videos to proof and show how amazingly perfect the concerts were. But just let me tell you about the whole experience. 

I bought a global package from SM Travel and it contained 2-day concert tickets (EXO actually performed 3 times, Fri-Sun), 3 nights in a hotel (it was a really fancy hotel and the room included breakfast), bus transportation from the hotel to the venue and back, souvenirs, a tour to EXO satellite event in a shopping mall and we had a "guide" who gave us the tickets etc and helped us with everything. The package for single room was 1,099$ (~970 EUR). It was quite expensive but because it had tickets to 2 concerts and accommodation, I decided it was worth the money. Then I just needed to buy the flight tickets, food etc. As I already said the accommodation was very nice and the other additional benefits were good and useful. The best part of the souvenir package was the official EXO'luXion concert light stick! I really wanted get that kind of light stick and on the 2nd concert day, I actually got another one from the guide who was giving 1 for each for free. 

SM Travel souvenir package:

The package also included EXO Pocky sticks. I just don't know
when I will be able to open that packet and eat them :D
The tour to the EXO satellite event was a bit disappointing although at first I didn't even know what it would be. We went to a very expensive looking shopping center that had a "room" filled with different kinds of EXO pictures, clothes etc and you could also buy official merchandise from there. My favorite part was a bunch of pictures that the members had taken themselves with a polaroid camera. I wasn't going to buy anything at first but I ended up buying 2 sets of folders for myself and 1 for my friend (now during my internship the folders have been in much use). Next to the "room" there were these boxes full of balls containing key chains with a members name on them and you had to put some coins to the box in order to get one ball. I was shocked how crazy people got with those key chains which made me decide I wouldn't participate but....because I had so many coins, I decided to try my luck. I tried it 3 times and traded one of the key chains so I could get Kai. Finally I had Kai, Baekhyun and Lay. Some people were trying to do everything they can (for example use A LOT of coins) to get one particular member. That was one of the craziest fan moment I have witnessed. During the extra time there, I hanged out with 2 girls who had also bought the global package. One of them was actually from Thailand and the other from Indonesia. I had a good time talking about K-Pop with them and I got some useful concert information from them too. During the 1st concert day I also made another friend who was from USA and really nice. I have still been in contact with her and I hope I can see her again some day, hopefully in another concert :) I was really glad to get new friends who are just as crazy about K-Pop as I am and with the help of the Indonesian girl, I also bought some merchandise from a fan for the first time. As we were walking to the venue on the 2nd day, we went to look for some fan sellers who the Indonesian girl found from Twitter. There were many people selling various merchandises of different members. I bought a package including a fan, blanket and photo cards of D.O. I also got a small gift from the seller. I really wanted to buy a Kai fan kit but everyone had sold them out already. It was funny to see how some members are more "popular" than others when it comes to fan kits. For example you could still find many people selling Chen, Xiumin and Suho merchandise but not Kai and Chanyeol.

D.O merchandise package:

Really wanted to use this fan but because the guards took some of the fan signs etc away, 
I didn't want to risk it. I'll definitely use it some other time and get one with Kai too. 

During the concerts EXO performed over 25 songs and had 5 different VCR's. They also had 4 ments which for me were unfortunately quite boring because I couldn't understand what the members were saying and everything was translated in Japanese. So I just had to be satisfied with only watching them. After being disappointed about not understanding during both concerts, I decided I would really start learning Korean. So maybe someday I could understand even without English translations. Still I enjoyed every second of the concerts and were so glad to hear some of my favorite EXO songs live for the first time. That's why it's also hard to choose the best performance/song. Every song was good and very well performed. But if I had to point out some highlights they would be Playboy + Baby Don't Cry dance performances, hearing Miracles of December live (I just love the vocals! This was one of the performances that made me cry) and experiencing a full on rave by EXO (Full Moon, Machine, Drop That, Let Out The Beast)For me the concerts were really emotional, first I felt excited and happy but then suddenly I was crying. That was something that made me think the concerts were successful. I think if fans get to experience different feelings during a concert, the band has performed very well and given their all. After the second concert, I was really hoping I could see EXO at one of their concerts in the future because I want to experience that roller coaster of feelings again.

These were dropped from the ceiling a couple of times in the concerts.

I just wish I had some pictures from the concerts even though I have them as a memory in my head. Hopefully I get to see them again somewhere where I could also take pictures & videos. If you ever have a chance to see EXO live, USE IT! I know I will as many times as possible from now on :) 

xoxo, Elina 


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