EXO PLANET #2 - The EXO'luXion in Malaysia ♥

Last month I flew to Kuala Lumpur for the second time but this time it was to take part in EXO's concert on Saturday 12th. It was the last stop on their tour around Asia and North America. I waited until the ticket sale started and luckily I managed to buy my ticket right away because just after I was finished I read the website crashed and most of the tickets were sold out. I chose to take a seating place because I already knew how unbearably hot it can be in KL so I wanted to definitely avoid the standing area. I got a seat from the area closest to the stage and the price wasn't that bad compared to some prices that I have seen. 

After my arrival, I went to get my ticket from the organizer's office. I could have gotten it by post but I didn't want to take a risk of not getting it. So I chose to collect it myself which almost failed. A few days before the concert I received an email that the ticket was supposed to be collected before the concert day. After contacting the organizer, I managed to make a deal that I can still collect it on Saturday. The route to the office was a bit strange (walked & used an elevator in an empty building) but after asking for help twice and receiving good info, I found it pretty easily. A few hours later I made my way to the concert place where I had to wait around although I was told I can just go in and don't have to wait because I have a seating place. For some reason it took quite a long time to get in but no worries, I was just happy to be there. It was also funny to see that I was the only Western girl there. I only saw one Western man with an Asian woman. It reminded me of INFINITE's concert in Bangkok where me and my friend were the only Western people.

Very soon the concert and of course screaming started. One of my favorite things during the concert were the English translations in the VCRs and during the members' speeches. Finally I could understand everything! I also liked the activities that the fan club had planned. They gave out different kinds of lights to people (I unfortunately didn't get one) that were supposed to be used during a certain song. They also gave out banners of which I got one. Nice job Malaysian EXO fan club! 

Unfortunately I was left with a really bad impression about the Malaysian fans. During the concert the people in the seating area kept standing which I could understand because Asian people are short and for many people it was the first concert so it was exciting but...I really hated it because while doing that they blocked other people's view. At first I didn't want to stand because being very tall I would have blocked the view of the people behind me completely (+ I'm too lazy to stand in that heat). But after getting frustrated in not seeing very well, I stood up and kept standing until a security person was ordering people to sit down. I sort of felt bad for doing that but then again I had paid for the ticket and for actually SEEING EXO live so I wasn't just going to sit and not see anything. For the rest of the concert it was constant going up and own because of the security people and fans standing in the front. At least during the VCRs everyone sat down... This was similar to what happened in EXO'luXion in Osaka but there the standing was accepted in the seating areas so everyone kept standing. I still don't know the reason but it was fine for me. In this concert I felt quite pissed off when people were standing because it wasn't prohibited. That just proved to me how selfish people can be sometimes. I hope it won't be the same if I go to a concert in Kuala Lumpur again because I really liked that everything was in English and that it was an outdoor concert with nice weather. 

EXO performed altogether 27 songs and even though the concert was quite long, I felt like it was over in 5 minutes. But at the same time I was glad because the boys didn't have to dance around the stage for the whole night. The heat and humidity was horrible so I was quite worried how they will manage and also the stage was wet due to some rain just before the concert (that was probably one of the reasons the concert started a bit late) so I was afraid someone would fell and hurt himself. Luckily nothing bad happened and the members even kept reminding many times that the fans should drink a lot of water. 

  1. Overdose (KR) 
  2. History (CH) 
  3. El Dorado (KR) 
  4. Don't Go (KR) 
  5. Playboy (KR) 
  6. Baby Don't Cry (KR) 
  7. My Answer (KR) 
  8. The Star (KR) 
  9. Exodus (KR) 
  10. Hurt (KR) 
  11. Peter Pan (KR) 
  12. XOXO (KR) 
  13. Lucky (CH) 
  14. 3.6.5 (KR) 
  15. Christmas Day (KR) 
  16. First Snow (CH) 
  17. Miracles in December (CH) 
  18. Full Moon (KR) 
  19. Machine (KR) 
  20. Drop That (KR) 
  21. Let Out the Beast (KR) 
  22. Run (KR) 
  23. Call Me Baby (KR) 
  24. Growl (CH) 
  25. Love Me Right (KR) 
  26. Sing For You (KR) 
  27. Unfair (KR) 
In addition to those there were 5 ments during which they introduced themselves and just talked to the fans. The concert also had an opening VCR and 4 others: "My Turn To Cry" (every member holds a girl's hand and does a different activity with her, for example Xiumin cooked and Baekhyun played a game. I think this was really cute and funny.), "Coffee Shop" (Starts with the members doing tricks on each other while sleeping and then they start working inside a coffee maker. This was really funny.), the next VCR showed the members dancing and introducing their powers (This one was completely different but I really liked the dance moves.) and the last one "Promise" was a video that showed EXO rehearsing for a concert and performing together. I think the last one was somehow sad so when I saw it, I started crying just like in Osaka. I was really happy I got to see the VCRs one more time because I still think they're really well done and they show different sides from EXO. 

If I exclude the behavior of fans, I would say it was a perfect evening and the concert was awesome. EXO performed really well and I got to hear a couple of songs live for the first time (Sing For You, Unfair & Miracles in December in Chinese). Some of the highlights for me were also that I got to see very well Kai & Sehun's Playboy dance and also Kai's Baby Don't Cry water dance. I wonder how they will top the Baby Don't Cry water dances during their next tour because they were just soooo good. For once I went back to the hotel with good hearing and also of course with a great mood. 

For the end here's some pictures: 

xoxo, Elina


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