40 days until homecoming!

I have finally changed the date on my return ticket and it's now 3rd of July. I would have liked to stay longer but I'm still quite satisfied with that date. At least then my mum is able to come pick me up (yay I don't have to travel alone to my hometown) and I don't have to worry about my visa. After today I have only 28 internship days left which feels unbelievable. I'm almost finished even though I just started my internship or that's how it feels like. Even though I would love to stay in Thailand and live here for years, I'm quite happy to go back to my home country and here's why:

Ice-hockey ♥ I really miss going to the games and cheering for my team. 
During the next season I'll try to go to as many games as possible and the others I'll watch online.

My dear friends who I miss so much ♥ Can't wait to see them and talk with them face to face again! 

Nature & summer cottage ♥ I managed to reserve the same cottage where I spent an awesome weekend with my friends last summer. This time I'll spent a week there, first a few days with my mum and then a weekend with my friends. 
Cottage + summer + nature + beautiful scenery + good food + great company = 
One of the best things in Finland is nature and now that I have been away such a long time, I have realized how nice it really is. This summer I make sure I enjoy it as much as possible.

Fooood ♥ I love Asian food but I really miss Finnish food especially some specific dishes
made by my mum. I also can't wait to spend my summer barbecuing and 
eating yummy desserts.

Otto ♥ I'm really looking forward to going out, playing and just snuggling with him. 

Olivia ♥ A year's quite a long time so this little princess isn't so little anymore...
Soon I get to babysit her again, hopefully she still remembers me even a little bit.
+ rest of my family ♥  I especially miss my brother and his wife because I haven't seen them in a year but because I just saw my sister and mom (who I also talk with almost every day) I don't miss them as much. Hopefully we'll have a get together with everyone as soon as possible when I go back. 

There are some small things that I also miss: not having to sweat all the time when I'm outside, toilet paper, fresh air, everyone speaks Finnish (easier communication), less use of plastic + I can pack my own groceries (I hate how many plastic bags are used in grocery stores in Thailand & you can't even pack your own things) and good internet. 

Soon I don't need to miss all of these things anymore :) 

xoxo, Elina 


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