Hello June!

June and summer (at least in Finland) are finally here! This means it's my last whole month here in Thailand. My last month to enjoy Thailand, go shopping and desperately fit all of my stuff in to my luggage. I'm going to start my month by going to Seoul this Friday, actually I'm going to the airport already on Thursday thanks to my flight which leaves at 1.55 am. In Seoul on Friday I'm going to meet my Korean friend and spend the whole day with her and on Saturday is the main reason I'm going there: 2016 Dream Concert. I'm really excited to go there again even though the lineup isn't as good as last year. EXO is performing there so that's enough for me. It's great to experience that atmosphere there again because it was something I loved during last year's Dream Concert. Already before noon on Sunday my flight back to Bangkok leaves. I'm glad I have some time in Bangkok before I have to go to Laem Chabang. Finally I have time and good opportunity buy myself another luggage. 

All the other weekends this month I'll probably spend in Bangkok buying some things I want to bring to Finland so I don't have to run everywhere on my last days here next month. I'm also going to see my Japanese friend after she comes back from Japan. I'm so glad I have someone with who I can spend my last weekends here. 

The summer weather so far has been surprisingly good in Finland at least for what I have heard. I really hope when I go back I also get to enjoy the nice weather we sometimes have during summer. It better be sunny and warm especially when I spent a week in the summer cottage! Unfortunately we always have many rainy days during summer in Finland and those are the days I'm sure I'm going to miss being in Thailand. So only a few rainy days, thank you! Even with not so good weather, it's good I'm going back to Finland during the summer because for example if it were winter, the change and adjustment would be much bigger and more difficult. 

What I'm really looking forward during summer is the nature with the green leaves and flowers, going to the park or beach to hang out with my friends, bright and warm evenings (enjoying the brightness and warmness while walking my dog late in the evening), eating strawberries & peas, barbecuing, going fishing and of course wearing summer clothes which I have LOVED doing the past year in Thailand. 

Have a nice summer everyone! If you're in Finland, remember to enjoy it every second because you know winter will come soon once again and when it does, you'll start missing summer like crazy. 

xoxo, Elina 


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