Where to travel?

So on my previous post I hinted about searching information on various Asian cities and choosing a travel destination for myself...

Next month I have a week off due to national holidays (2 Buddhist holidays + Songkran festival) so I right away decided I would travel somewhere. But I have a problem:


For a long time my 1st choice was Osaka but because tickets were very expensive and one of my friends won't be there the whole week, I threw that idea away. Now I have been thinking about Seoul, Jakarta, Beijing, Vietnam, Taipei and Australia but I gave up on Taipei and Australia when I looked at the ticket prices and flight schedules last week. All of the destinations have good and bad sides so it's really hard to choose. If someone has any recommendations, feel free to comment! 

What kind of pros and cons do those destinations have? 


+ My mom could maybe come there, I could meet my Korean friend, SHOPPING, I could ask for recommendations from my friend and visit new places in Seoul. 

- Ticket prices, flight times (long layovers), I have been in Seoul already 3 times.


+ New city, only the 2nd time in China, I could see the Great Wall, weather should be really good during April, ticket prices are OK, sight-seeing.

- Need to get a Visa (loose money & time), flight times, I would prefer going there with someone instead of going alone.


+ New city/country, cheaper tickets compared to my other choices, straight flights.

- Maybe too similar to Kuala Lumpur, tickets can be expensive & long layovers.

Vietnam (Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh)

+ New city/country, many people have recommended, I could ask my friend what places I should visit, short & straight flights, cheapest tickets, I could visit both cities, interesting places to see.

- Maybe this is the winner because I can't really think of any cons....

While I was writing these post, I got really interested in the idea of travelling first to Hanoi and from there to Ho Chi Minh and finally back to Bangkok. But I'm going to think about it a bit more because for example Beijing still interests me a lot too. 

There's also one more possibility... During that week there's the Songkran festival and I have heard it's best to celebrate in the North for example in Chiang Mai. My Japanese friend really wants to visit Chiang Mai some day so I suggested if we went there together during that week. We thought that we could also invite our Thai friend to come along but I'm not sure if he's able to come. It would be awesome to travel with someone for a change and spend time with friends. But this plan also has one distracting downside... I have been in Chiang Mai a couple of times already and last time I felt a bit bored there so I would prefer travelling to a new place. Although this time going to Chiang Mai would be different because I would be going with a friend/friends... 

I just hope I will have a good time during that week and I could utilize that free time well. If I had someone to travel with, it would be much easier to choose and I would consider a few other destinations too. But I think I just have to continue travelling alone which fortunately has its advantages too.

xoxo, Elina 

Ps. Please leave a comment if you have a recommendation etc :) 


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