Baking abroad

A while back I saw a cake recipe video in Facebook and because it didn't require an oven or ingredients that are very hard or impossible to get here, I decided to try it. It was a chocolate cheesecake so I just needed cream cheese, cookies, butter, sugar, chocolate and whipped cream. It also required vanilla which I couldn't get but luckily I got vanilla sugar from Finland so problem solved. I couldn't do the whipped cream myself so I bought already made whipped cream from the store. I had most of the ingredients for many weeks but because last month I wasn't at home during any weekend, I couldn't do it until last weekend. But it was worth the wait! Although I was a bit worried how it will turn out (because I don't usually have good luck with my cooking), everything went surprisingly well and the cake tastes very good. Fortunately my first time baking a cake abroad was a success. I have seen a few other interesting recipes in those Tasty videos and I will definitely try them out too. If you're not familiar with Tasty, go search it from Facebook asap! 

As you already read, I finally spent a weekend at home. I was really looking forward to it the whole week and in the end it felt so nice. I could sleep in my own bed how I wanted to, catch up on some of my favorite TV shows and organize/clean my apartment. I really needed that especially because the next 2 weekends I'm spending again somewhere else. This weekend I'm spending in Malaysia attending the EXO concert and the next in Bangkok visiting friends. I really can't wait for either of those weekends! First I'm going to see my favorite band live again and then I get to have a good time with a dear friend. 

Now I'm going to continue searching information about various Asian cities. You'll now later what I stay tuned! 

xoxo, Elina


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