It's time to fly again

Finally I can confirm this: I'm travelling to Osaka later this month! Actually I'm flying there already on next week's Friday. But for me it doesn't come that soon because I have been planning for it a long time now. My first plan was to go there in February to see EXO's tour but when I found out about this year's MAMA (Mnet Asian Music Awards) being held also in Japan, I decided to this time skip EXO's concerts and attend MAMA instead. I have been dreaming of attending MAMA in Hong Kong for many years and even though I'm not going to Hong Kong, I'm still super excited and happy I got to make this dream come true (at least some part of it). I have been waiting for a few weeks to know if me and my Japanese friend are able to get tickets for the MAMA because the tickets were "sold" by a lottery system and finally this week I got good news from my friend. I already had my boss's permission so I just had to buy the flight tickets that I had been nervously waiting for because I was afraid the prices would go up but luckily the price didn't change for the dates I wanted.

I'm so excited to visit and explore Osaka even more and of course meet my dear friend Madoka and my other Japanese friend Shiho. Plus I might be able to meet my American friend who's also an EXO fan. Thanks to the MAMA, I also get to see another part of Japan which is great since I've only been to Osaka and Kyoto. So it's gonna be an awesome trip! Now I just have to work hard at work until I leave.

xoxo, Elina 


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