1st seminar DONE!

I have been hating myself for not writing here more often but since last month I have been either too busy or too tired. One of the main reasons for me being busy is my thesis. I finally came up with a thesis subject before last year ended and last month I started writing my thesis plan. I finished it early this month and also had my 1st seminar and since then I have been researching and writing my thesis. I should have the theory part ready before 31st of March so I don't have a lot of time especially since I need to practice a lot for my financial analysis resit exam and for another exam which is in early March. So school has kept me really busy lately and unfortunately it will continue like that until May when my thesis and seminars should be finished. So my apologies for not being super active here during that time! I'll do my best and try to at least finish some unfinished posts. 

Thanks to my friend and her Valentine's Day present,
I had some motivation for writing about export process for my thesis. 
I had my name day on 10th of February so I decided to try a new dessert:
Whoopie. I had too many recipes to choose from but in the end I chose
 a citron-raspberry whoopie. Super yummy!
Since I'm not a person who can just write school assignments and read for exams etc all day long, I need my tv series/K-drama fix every day. Last month another amazinglyawesomesuperduper K-drama started and I have been hooked on it ever since. Missing 9 has a really interesting and suspenseful plot and the actors/actresses are just great! The show has had so many unexpected twists in the plot that I have been on the edge of my seat the whole time. So if you're into K-dramas or just want to watch something new, you should definitely check this one out! I have been planning to write a post about my favourite K-dramas and the ones I think everyone should watch so stay tuned for that! 

Even though this drama has Chanyeol from EXO,
that's not the only reason I LOVE it but he's definitely a huge plus!
Okay now I really need to get back to writing but at least you now know I'm still alive.

Get back to you ASAP!

xoxo, Elina


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