Karmiva Karnevaali -17

Last Friday I left earlier from work and took a bus to Tampere where I had planned to meet up with a couple of friends. I had suggested we go visit the Karmiva Karnevaali event in Särkänniemi and at least some of my friends were up for it. It was held for the first time starting from Friday the 13th and it ended last Sunday. A part of the park was open and filled with all kinds of Halloween and other decorations and lights. There were also various shows and activites (e.g. Burlesque performances, zombies who chased people, fire show). You could also ride some of the rides and play games (and TRY to get prizes) that are open normally during the summer. There were various eating places that had food with the scary theme e.g. a black hamburger which I ate.

I really liked the place as did my friends. It was fun and something different to do so I hope they'll keep organizing this in the upcoming years. The park with all the lights and decorations looked so cool when it was dark which I give a huge plus. The zombies were a really nice touch too! There could have been even more of them. I had waited a lot to see the Burlesque show since one of my favorite movies is Christina Aguilera's "Burlesque" and after I saw it the first time, I have wanted to see a live burlesque show. Here it was good and we all liked that the performers were not some anorectic young women just shaking their butts but proper sized women who're not ashamed of their bodies. Especially the second performance was really good because it had a Game of Thrones theme. After the show we were right away planning when we should go see their show.

This morning as I was leaving for work, I had a not so nice surprise when I got to my bike. It was frozen and there was ice and snow so no taking the bike to work... I have really liked riding the bike to work so I'm kinda sad the winter is coming because that means I have to use the bus or go by foot. But let's see how long it actually takes for us to have a lot of snow... It already seems like we get just a little bit and even that melts away very fast. Due to the depressing darkness I would like to have that snowy winter even though it means my bike has to stay inside for some time.

xoxo, Elina 


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