Hello October!

October is here! Are there really only 3 months left of this year? Better start really enjoying the final months. This month means for me work and spending a couple weekends with my mum while we attend 2 fairs. Last month we went to Helsinki and next week Oulu and later this month Turku. Those weekends are tough but it's nice to help mum and spend time with her. Due to being busy on so many weekends, it was great to spend a weekend at home just with my dog last week and I have that same plan for this weekend too. I really missed just being at home so last weekend I enjoyed every second of it. Last weekend I baked American Cheesecake for the first time and it was really good! I'm not the best baker so I was happy to at least succeed with that. Otherwise I just watched ice-hockey and a couple of movies and on Sunday I had a cleaning day after a long time. This weekend sounds about the same but I was thinking of playing some PS3 games too since I haven't played anything in a LONG time. Can't wait!

Next month I have my birthday and honestly I'm not that excited about it. I don't want to get older! Years are going too fast and I feel like soon I'm 50 years old. Horrible... But luckily I have great friends who're getting older too :D I just don't know if we have time to celebrate together this year. My birthday is on the 7th and I already have plans for the second weekend of November and on the first weekend, I probably have to attend my brother and his daughter's birthday which are on the same day. But hopefully I manage to see my friends on some other weekend :) I hate how everyone are so busy nowadays myself included. Seeing friends was so much easier for example in high school. I miss those times ❤

Have a nice week & weekend everyone!

xoxo, Elina


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