Next stop: Amsterdam

Next month I’m travelling to the Netherlands with my friend who I met while on exchange in Bangkok. First we planned to go to Venice but then that changed to Prague which in the end changed to Amsterdam. We were supposed to go to Venice in the spring but for me it was very hard to pick dates before I knew for sure will I have a summer job so that plan kind of died on its own. But in May we started planning again and my friend suggested Prague but was open to other destinations too. After searching and searching we came to the conclusion that it’s either Prague or Amsterdam. With a help of my friend’s friend who had gone to both and recommended Amsterdam and what I found myself from Amsterdam after intensive Internet searching, we chose that. There are a few places that I’m really interested to go see (e.g Anne Frank’s house) and I found out that there’s a Primark shop (!!!) which I MUST visit. I'm really looking forward to this trip since I don't see this friend often (only twice since I came back from Thailand last summer) and Amsterdam is a new destination for both of us so it'll be fun going around the city and do some sightseeing and shopping. My friend also suggested a day trip outside of Amsterdam so we'll probably try to fit that also to our short trip (only 3-4 days). Fortunately I'm going to Helsinki to meet my friend this Saturday and I'll stay there until Monday so we can do some more planning for the trip. Plus continue my sightseeing process in Helsinki! This time we have planned to go to Linnanmäki (amusement park) and Suomenlinna (sea fortress). I just hope we can enjoy good sunny weather otherwise those 2 places will not be so fun to visit... Anyways it'll be great to spend this weekend there and plan the Amsterdam trip :)
Can't wait to see views like this!
xoxo, Elina


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