Singstar Saturday

I spent an awesome Saturday evening with two of my friends and it really made me happy when I realised how good friends I have gotten from my "new" school :) We spent the evening playing Singstar which was my first time and I actually did well and enjoyed it a lot! I really like singing BUT only when I'm alone :D This time though I didn't think and care about my voice etc. I decided to just have fun and that's what I did and it really worked. After that we watched the two first episodes of The Walking Dead's season 1 while eating mint-chocolate muffins made by me, candies, chips and other delicious snacks. I also made us kiwi-lime milkshakes and it was my first time using that recipe and it was so good that I will definitely do it again. While playing and having fun, we were also very anxious to find out how does the game between Tappara and Lukko end. Fortunately my team, Tappara, won 4-3 so the team who goes to the finals will be revealed tomorrow when they play the horrible Game 7 (the last game of the semifinals). Can't wait to see what happens! 

Kiwi-lime milkshakes
Today I have been working with a school assignment and presentation which is tomorrow and I have felt sooo tired and lazy all day but finally I have managed to do something. But now I'm off to eat and after that I will have to continue or TRY to continue. 

PS. The best part of this day has been a call from S who I miss very much! It was so nice to hear his voice after a while :) 

xoxo, Elina 


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