Farewell dinner 29.4.

We had a farewell dinner on Wednesday in a restaurant called Villa Talbo which is located in the seaside of Rauma. It was a very nice old building which you can rent for a party etc. There was food and dessert for us and I heard even the exchange students liked the catering very much as did I.

We had this farewell dinner as a goodbye to the exchange students who are leaving soon and as a thank you for us tutors for all the work we have done. We had a similar dinner last fall but then it was called Christmas dinner and there were much more people present and of course different catering. It was a nice evening although I didn't spend much time with the exchange students, just had some small talk. I spent it with my 2 lovely tutor friends which honestly were better company than most of the exchange students would have been :) It was a nice evening although I was sooo tired when I got home but still I enjoyed myself :)

xoxo, Elina


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