Khao Takiab - Monkey Mountain ♥

On one day we made a trip to Khao Takiab which is also called Monkey Mountain.
It's a mountain which has a temple on top of it and there are a lot of monkeys living there. 
The day we went there was very hot and sunny and we had to wear proper clothes because of the temple so it was quite horrible and sweaty to walk there :D 
But I still think it was very interesting place and we got to take very nice pictures there. 
There was a nice view to Hua Hin and to the beach and even to Cha-Am beach which can be seen on a clear day even though it's quite far away. 

The view is amazing from on top of the hill!
Definitely worth walking up all the stairs

If you ever go to Hua Hin, you should definitely visit this place! 
Just be careful of the monkeys if you feed them because then they will go crazy :D 


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