Hua Hin 18.-22.10. ♥

We arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport on Saturday 18.10. and 
from there we took a minibus to Hua Hin. 
From the bus station we went to our hotel by taxi and checked in. 
We were all very tired and hungry so we decided to go to eat at a nearby restaurant 
and after that in the evening me and Johanna went to walk on the beach. 
The beach was so nice and especially the sand! 
It was very relaxing and nice to just walk and listen to the waves 
but of course we also took pictures. 

1. day's food ♥

On the next day we went to walk around together and see the old railway station which is quite famous in Hua Hin. Me and Johanna also got to see a train which was definitely very different than the trains here in Finland :D Remind me not to whine about our trains anymore...

Then we went to eat a restaurant where especially the staff was nice :) 
After that me and Johanna went swimming which was so cool and relaxing.
In the end there were big waves which interested the local young people a lot. 
That was a nice experience because I can't remember when I swam in a ocean before. 

On the next days me and Johanna made some trips around Hua Hin
but I will write separate posts about them. 

Here are still some pictures from our stay in Hua Hin :)

Banana rotee ♥ very delicious and cheap!


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