Elephant Village & Pala U -Waterfall 21.10. ♥

On Tuesday 21.10. we went to a trip which included elephant riding in an Elephant Village and going to see the Pala U -Waterfall which is about 1 hour from Hua Hin city center. 
We had made a deal on the previous day with our taxi driver so he came pick us up and took us to both of these places. 

1. stop: Elephant Village 

After we got ourselves on top of the elephant (which was quite scary :D),
we walked around for an hour :)

When the elephant was going uphill and downhill, I thought I would fall off :D 
So be prepared to hold on to anything you can so you won't fall!

We also got to see 2 big lizards. That was exciting :D

After the elephant ride, we ate some free pineapple and bought a framed picture for both of us as a memory of that experience :) 
Then we looked for our driver and headed for the waterfall. 

2. stop: Pala U -Waterfall

Pala U -Waterfall is in Kaen Krachan National Park, about 60 kilometers from Hua Hin. 
Overall the waterfall has 16 steps so it's one of the highest in Thailand. 
You can walk to the top but you REALLY have to be in good shape and have good shoes etc because the climbing there is very rough and sometimes quite hard. 
We stopped in the fourth one because after that it gets more dangerous and we thought we had seen enough already. 
The first 4 steps are really worth the climb, it's very beautiful there and 
on the 3rd step there's a very nice place to swim among fishes. 
On the way to the top, you can see beautiful nature, old trees and hear animals especially birds. We were actually very lucky because we went there in the rainy season when the waterfall is most beautiful and also the whole place was closed on the previous week because of hard rain. So that day was a very good choice!
Also our taxi driver was the BEST ♥
He came with us and helped us carry our stuff and climb up and down. 
He also gave us more info about the place etc. 
It was so nice of him and actually when we left from Hua Hin, I started to miss him a bit because I just love when people are nice and helpful to people who they really don't know. And that happens way more often in Thailand than in Finland so that's one of the things I like in Thailand. 
Okay now I'm getting a bit off tracked :D
We saw a few young people going to swim there and some people also were eating there with their family so it's quite popular among the local people too.
I definitely recommend this place also even if you're not able to go that far :)
Now some pictures: 



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