Bangkok 22.-30.10. ♥

The rest of our trip we were in Bangkok which is my one of my favorite places ♥

We went shopping (of course), sightseeing and to eat different kinds of food. 
I got to see and experience a lot of new things although I have been in Bangkok already over 10 times. It's just so huge place that you can always find something new and exciting from there. 
I think this time I will keep my writing very short and just show you some (a lot!) pictures which you can enjoy :) 
So here we go: 

This hotel and our room were very nice!
It's located on Petchburi Road. very near the Pantip Plaza, Platinum mall etc.

 We went shopping Chinatown a few times 
and also in the Chatuchack weekend market.
There are A LOT of stuff sold in both of these places. 
Whatever you need you will find it :D

Strawberry-Milk ♥♥

On one evening we also went to the new Asiatique Market 
which replaces the old Lumphini Park Night Market.
It's recommended to go there by boat not taxi and I definitely agree. 
The boat is free and quick. The market itself has many shops and restaurants.
The prices in the shops are a bit more expensive than in some other places but the place is still worth the visit. There's also a Ferris wheel but due to rain we didn't go there :(

One day me and Johanna had planned to go to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho (a temple near the Grand Palace) but we ended up on going to several places :D 
We went to see the Lucky Buddha, Wat Intharawihan, one temple which name I don't remember anymore, the Marble Temple and in the end the Grand Palace. 
After the Grand Palace we were too tired to go to the Wat Pho so we decided to skip that because we had already seen many temples. 

Lucky Buddha 
Wat Intharawihan

Marble Temple
Grand Palace

Finally pictures of what I bought and one food collage :)

Kobe Steakhouse ♥
It was near the hotel and the food was very good! But the staff was not so good...

Finally I was able to buy all EXO's albums! ♥

Some of the clothes I bought are missing from this picture

If you ever go to Thailand, Bangkok is definitely one of the must-see places there.
I'm sure there's something for everyone because it's such a huge place filled with all kinds of things. 
Bangkok is a city which never sleeps ♥


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