20th Birthday ♥

I got back from Istanbul on Sunday with my dear friend. 
We were there celebrating our birthdays and especially on Friday, which was my birthday, we celebrated that. 
I will skip our arrival date (Thursday) because I already posted something about that but here are some pictures from that day:

Blue Mosque
Hagia Sophia

These are from our hotel's roof terrace:

On Friday we took some pictures of the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia again and after that we took the tram to near Taksim Square but from there we still had to take a funicular to get there. Before we did that, we went to walk around and take pictures. 

Taksim square

This street was like Oxford Street in London! 
There were a lot of people and shops. 
We visited a few clothing stores and in the end we both had bought some clothes :)

Before we left, we went to eat at a local restaurant which had awesome cheeseburgers! 
That was a very tasty birthday dinner number 1 ♥

Then we went back to our hotel and changed clothes etc and 
went to eat and drink at a "fancy" restaurant :) 
That was a very nice ending for my birthday ♥

Sex On the Beach

Birthday dinner number 2
Johanna's stake
On Saturday we went to see the Topkapi Palace which was also very near our hotel. 
You could see the whole place if you buy a ticket but we didn't because there were so long queues and we didn't want to wait.

So we decided to take the tram and go to the Grand Bazaar. 
When we got there, we were quite horrified because it looked so big :D 
In the end we just walked around for a short time and we both bought something we needed and then we left to eat at a nearby restaurant. 
I got to admit, I was a bit disappointed in Grand Bazaar because all the shops were so similar: just some jewelry and souvenir shops for tourists. 
Also the sellers who were ALL men were very annoying but of course their selling style felt weird and annoying because it's very different than in Finland but still I was a bit frustrated there because of them :D 
At least the restaurant was nice especially the staff.
Our waiter was asking a lot of questions and tried to hit on my friend but we think it was just a joke and he didn't mean it but still it was funny :)
I just ate some grilled chicken salad and my friend ate a Turkish pizza which was good according to her. 

Grilled chicken salad

Turkish pizza
After that we went to our hotel to freshen up and to leave our stuff that we bought because we were going to meet 2 Turkish guys. 
One of them I met with my other friend in Chatroulette :D 
Right away when we arrived in Istanbul, he welcomed us there and asked if we want to meet him. We both thought it would be nice to meet some local people and talk so we decided to meet on Saturday and Ali would bring one of his friends. 
We met in Besiktas where you can get a boat to Uskudar which is on the other side. 
First we took a boat there and walked around and drank tea while sitting near the water. 

Maiden's Tower
Then we took a metro to Taksim where we also walked around.
Finally we decided to go sit, eat and drink somewhere.
The place where we went to usually has a lot of football fans because people like to go watch the games there. 
While we were there, Ali's friend Emir's favorite team was playing and although we all said we wouldn't concentrate on that we still watched it from time to time :D 
I think that night was the best time during the whole trip mainly because of the guys :D 
It was so nice to get to know them and also get to know Istanbul/Turkey better. 
They told us lots of things and we also answered their questions about Finland etc. 
Because we had so much fun, we already started thinking about going there again (maybe next spring) and meeting the guys again and we might also go outside of Istanbul with them. 
Before 12 pm we had to leave so we could still get back with metro. 
So went back to our hotel and started packing and slept for like 2-3 hours. 
We had to wake up already at 5 am and leave to the airport at 6 am. 
The whole way from the hotel to Rauma was quite horrible because we both were like zombies :D 
But we made it safe and sound! :) 
We both thought that overall the trip was very nice and successful. 
No doubt this was my BEST birthday ever! 
Thank you Johanna! ♥
See you soon (hopefully!) Istanbul ♥

Here are still some pictures from the evening with the guys and 

also from our hotel's roof terrace:

Tequila Sunrise
Johanna, me, Ali & Emir ♥


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